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I got a couple dozen figures done last month...


The BIG thing I'm trying to finish this month is a Jagdpanzer IV L/70(V) for the Panzer IV contest at www.track-link.net. This is the first of such contests I've ever entered, an while I am under no aspersions I will win, it's worth the shot. Plus it gives me an incentive to get things done... :)


For the kit, I am using the old Italeri JpzIV kit. This goes back to the old days of 1/35 modeling, back when Tamiya was king of the heap and Italeri was a brash upstart. The kit is, however, pretty dire. It all fits together, so that's fine, but it has a lot of inaccuracies and needs a lot of stuff replaced. I'm also doing a very early version with zimmerit (supplied by Cavalier), and using bits and pieces left over from better detailed Dragon kits. This is very much making a silk purse from a sow's ear, and I have until Dec 31 to get it done...



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Did the final touches on one Kraken, so it's ready to be released. The other still needs the runner/pod/weapon thingies on the bottom to be base coated. No progress on the HG:Blitz! Hunters since the first weekend of base coating. I did finish the last model railroad building I had. It's a railcar workshop, but I'm going to use it as a factory/warehouse.


I just bought the FFG X-Wing game, so probably won't do much painting.

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Well I managed to finish the following minis in September:


Bones Ghost

GW LotR Boromir

3 Ravenloft Skeletons

Ravenloft Dwarf Hero

Ravenloft Thief Hero

Ravenloft Ranger Hero

Bones Werewolf

Bones Minotaur.

DHL Clay Golem

DHL Ghoul King

DHL Spell Effect: Burning Sphere

Bones Bugbear.

GW: WHFB 6E Starter Mounted Empire Commander

AEG: 7th Sea; Female Castillian Swordsman

AEG: 7th Sea; Avalon Noblewoman

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hi gang.

      I always have trouble with finishing minis if they take too long.  Groups of minis are a frequent struggle for me.  What kind of advice do you have to avoid burnout?

      I try to mix things up to stave off the exhaustion and tedium.  I typically switch off between working on groups of minis, to just doing one at a time.  Small minis to big minis.  Detailed minis to simple minis.  I'll even avoid things that are the same color back-to-back.  Anything to help avoid getting sick of painting.

      But I have a harder time just getting through a group of minis.  I'll try breaking them into sub groups, or just focusing on painting everything of the same color like all of the wood, or all the leather.

      Maybe I'm just tired in general, but I'm definitely feeling worn down on my current set, which is a shame because I am excited to see them finished.

      What advice do you have?
      How do you avoid burnout?
      How do you get yourself to just keep painting?
    • By TheDungeonDelver
      Hey all...
      I have a ... uh, war-band?  Army?  Regiment?  Buncha?  anyway, whatever the unit size in Warlord is back when Reaper did the boxes that were 10 regular troops, a lieutenant, and a leader (and a familiar).  
      I don't play Warlord, but I would like to use the minis on the tabletop for AD&D games.  While I'm OK with painting the 2 commanders (Nirodiel and Danithal) individually, "character level" if you will, the other elves I would prefer just to get done.
      Any tips anyone can share?  What shade should I start with, etc.
    • By Pingo
      I have never painted tabletop armies.
      Would it be okay to paint them not uniformly, but still recognizably on the same side?
      I have contemplated painting up some historical army figures.
      In my experience between the vagaries of natural dyes, sun fading, washing or not washing, and luck, not one soldier is likely to have had a uniform whose colors were exactly identical to any others' (at least before the twentieth century, and maybe not even then if Bill Mauldin is anything to go by).
      I see painters agonizing to remember what colors they used so all their soldiers will match, and I remember how dramatically differently different dye lots can color fabrics. I think a close-but-not-matching color might make an army look more realistic, not less.
      On the other hand, as I have said, I have never painted a tabletop army, and I might be being fussy or making things too complicated.
      May I ask experienced army painters their opinions of the wisdom and sanity of this idea?
    • By psyberwolfe1
      Ok I finished nothing last month. Let's see if I can beat that record this month. With Millenium Con I may actually knock some stuff out.
    • By psyberwolfe1
      Ok I'll kick it off. It is a month of touch up and add ins and with 6th ed 40K I'm working on my first love: MAHREENS! No real goals as much as I'll see where this month takes me.
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