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Alahazra, Iconic Oracle (Two Versions)


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Wow! They looks absolutely beautiful. It’s a wonderful sculpt indeed, and your paint work is a great tribute.

Everything looks sublime but I think my favourite is the first one, perhaps because of staff gildings.


The base is very impressive, I bet it was very fun to create.


They're very inspiring!

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The Egyptian motif suits the figures well, and your custom basing suits them perfectly.

They are similar to each other, but the differences jump out when I can look from one to the other and back again. "Spot 10 differences between Model A and Model B" ... :;):

It is especially nice to see these, since it may encourage people to come up with their own original color schemes for the iconic Pathfinder characters. Even though the figures have "official" concept art, the possibilities of color are still infinite.



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Hey guys, well thank you for commenting, much obliged :blush:


@MamaGeek, Joshua, Metalchaos: Thanks guys I'm glad you liked my work here I appreciate you saying so, thank you! And the base was fun to create, I need to improve and it's pretty fun coming up with ideas and executing them.


@Derek: Thanks man, I've painted a couple of the Pathfinder minis in the 'official' color schemes before and I really like having a template to go by for sure, saves a little time in the research/composition department. For these I had my own idea of the what the mini was going to look like from the moment I saw the green posted here, I was really happy to get around to painting these after all that time since I saw the images of the green. Indeed the possibilities really are infinite, very inspiring facet of this hobby.


@JDSampo: Thank you I was happy with the way the gold came out overall in these figures, it's tricky but I like the final effect here. Which is saying something usually I'm not too happy with my results, but occasionally I get it right without having to strip it and restart it 3 times haha. This is one of those times, maybe I'm learning something after all this time...hope it sticks.

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