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Earth Elemental


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Second miniature of the New Age of Miniature Painting at the Hellcow Household!


I'm going to come right out and say it - I am pretty darned pleased with how this guy turned out. All of the little things I tried here, imo, worked just like I wanted them too with the sole exception of that headstone - I shouldn't have done the 'dipping' technique on it as I was unable to get the pale surface color I wanted. Oh well - now that there is a little dullcote on it I can clean it up later!



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I love his eyes. The red is a great compliment to his brown body and are very neatly done (something I'm bad at lol). I'm also a big fan of those grey stones coming out of his back and arms. Very cool deal for a great mini.


Hi, looks nice. I would give the green veins another highlight, to make them stand out more. I like the deep brown soil colour you achieved. The gravestone looks actually quite ok. You could try a wash to get the inscription out and the drybrush it with grey?


I'll second these ideas! I think a nice highlight on those vines would really give them some more pop.


Also, my suggestion (which is more silly than serious, but could be kind of neat) would be to attach some cheap fake moss or some static grass to the top of his head and shoulders, maybe the backs of his hands. Not sure on people's policies for that kind of things, but when I get my bones elemental from the KS, I'm planning on doing something similar with some moss and static grass ^_^

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