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Dungeon Crawler Miniatures Kickstarter

Yukon Cornelius

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Those minis are cool, especially the clear or translucent (especially the water elemental, since Reaper didn't put one in their KS), but man, trying to suss out the details of the program gave me a headache.
Each 'credit' is worth 1/2 a set (which only makes a difference once other smaller, sets are introduced).


Easy to start small though: $30 for a set. Or even just pledge $1, then buy each miniature individually. You can always raise or lower the pledge later.


btw: I noticed that an unpainted huge water elemental is only $4. Since it's translucent, it probably doesn't need much painting. Seems like a bargain.

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New Update: A huge announcement, in fact.


They will be cancelling the project effective October 17th. In doing so, they plan to relaunch the campaign with some vital changes.

  1. Removal of the credit system. It was off-putting for some people.
  2. All minis will be available to purchase as singles
  3. Shipping charges will be a flat rate included in the pledge levels, instead of annouced and charged after the campaign.
  4. The goal will be reduced. They are currently in negotiations with a company that they say will reduce the cost of their production run of the Tidal Wave miniatures.
  5. They are going to lose much of the mystery of the stretch goals so as to encourage people that their pledges will earn more than pirate themed minis right off the bat.

Overall, it looks like a great many necessary changes that should give them a much better second-go-round.


Oh! And for anybody that has a pledge with the current campaign when they close on the 17th, you get a bonus four free minis of tiny, small, or medium sized when you pledge for the new campaign!

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I'll be interested to see how this goes 2nd time round


It's bound to put off some backers, the changes may please others (or fence sitters)


(Of cource if it works everybody and their dog will be canceling/restarting which will certainly prove annoying)


Edit: Just realised they'd intially gone for a 60 day campaign and completed over 30... Way to long, folk get bored and the mid KS blues end up as a major dead zone,


They plan to do another 40 days, this still seems to long to me, and by day 18-20 I predict it stalling again

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