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28mm demons and devils kickstarter


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It is fast becoming something of a joke, and not a funny one. One excuse follows another, with the central excuse being that he doesn't have much time when his day job is done. Well it's simple, if you don't have the capacity to run and fulfill a kickstarter of this size don't f-ing run one!


The only thing that keeps me from really going for it in the project comments section is that I keep reminding myself that it's still better than EFS.

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Yeah, I've been pretty positive about this one, but I've also felt a slight concern regarding the speed with which things seem to be shipping out. A month ago I thought we were getting close, but now I have a feeling we might well slip into 2014 (I do think I'll get my stuff eventually, though).


...it's still better than EFS.

Ain't that the truth.
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if you don't have the capacity to run and fulfill a kickstarter of this size don't f-ing run one!


Agreed; anyone running a Kickstarter campaign needs to understand their limits and know when to stop adding on their project. I wouldn't be at all surprised if some campaigns (like this one) grow too big with their success, and wind up leaving the creator scrambling to cover all the extras that wound up getting included in the campaign.

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All this makes me awfully worried about the decent chunk of change I plopped down on his Tome of Horrors KS, on the plus side, all the complaining on the KS comments must've finally gotten to him, and he posted the other day that he'll be putting off ToH 2 until 2014, after fulfillment is complete for both this one and ToH 1.

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Anyone care to wager that he'll post tomorrow? I'm giving 3:1 odds out.



also tired of hearing that bullstuff about not having time to post

he's only shipping 15 per week

that's 15 names to type

under 300 characters


it also doesn't take any time at all to e-mail an artist demanding progress pictures

here's a template for you Matt


Jason I understand that you have been having some difficulty with completing the King of All Dragons model due to health reasons and my community and I have shown you considerable patience and understanding. I must i insist, though, that you provide some photographs of the model to show the community that progress is being made. It should not take more than a few minutes to snap some pictures and forward them to me. I feel quite strongly that we owe the community this small concession to reassure them that we are moving forward. I expect them later tonight or tomorrow.


Thanks for your hard work and steadfast artisanal dedication during a difficult time in your life.

All the best,


Just c/p that into an e-mail. We'll all feel better for it. Also stop promising updates for 'tomorrow' and then not following through.


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