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02938, Boris the Evil Fighter aka Eusebe the Sturdy


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Here is my interpretation of Boris the Evil Fighter sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I converted it, repositioning his gladius upwards and adding some hair on is bald head. His left arm was also slightly repositioned frontward to receive a Death Knight shield on which I added the two smaller horns.

I decided to call him Eusebe the Sturdy in homage to an elderly neighbour who turned 98 years old lately.

I painted the armor and shield using brass metallic color and a mix of blue and silver over a black primer.

Comments and critics are very welcome.





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Great! I really like what you did with the Armor. The addition of the hair is cool, but kind of looks like a Toupee though.


Y'know what? I think i like it even more now!


The cloak is what really 'sold' this mini for me - the dirty fringe is just beautiful. Added to the really great shading work on the entire mini and excellent colour choices and this is top quality work - very well done!

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Personally I like the sword as is. The only thing I see which can looks strange is the fact that the two horns are not symmetrical. But then, they come from a chaotic goat head.


About the head, it's always strange to see someone with a wig for the first time. Be ready for the shock, my next mini also wears a toupee.

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