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The Great Community Ogre Adventure (official WIP thread)

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So here it is. It's not the 20th where I am, and maybe not where you are, but it's 9:30 am in Tokyo and Reaperinos are worldwide. I figured waiting til about now is midway fair for everybody.


This Group WIP is for the Reaper Ogre Chieftan (Bones # 77005; DHL # 02832; or LE # 20014 if you're doing a repaint for some reason). ONLY this miniature (diorama add-ons are ok). It has no set duration and no sign up. If you're just happening by now, feel free to join in.


I don't have mine yet, so I'll join in when they show up.


Some basic ground rules, suggestions, ruggestions in case you haven't been keeping up on the "group interest" thread:


1. Try to limit your posts to a reasonable amount per day. I suggest two as maximum, one early and one later. You may post as many pictures as you like in those posts, within reason (so, like, not 200). This way you have plenty of space to talk about and show off your daily work and everybody gets the opportunity for fair coverage and attention.


2. This thread should be kept for pictures and updates only. If you want to chit chat or comment on somebody's work, please use the "group interest" thread instead of here. That way nobody's update will get lost in a pile of regular posts. Use the "Like" button as much as you want.


Group Interest Chit Chat Thread Link: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45603-group-wips-interest/page__view__findpost__p__632203


3. ALL participating Ogre WIP posts, with the exception of finished pics you want to put in Show off (when you finish, you can post the finished pics here as well if you want) should go in this thread. There's a lot of people in on this, and a lot not, so we don't want to overwhelm the forum with individual threads.


4. As a general guideline, be respectful of your fellow painters, play nice, and have fun. This is not a competition, it's open to everybody, and if somebody decides to paint their Ogre hot pink and orange, that's a-ok. If you want tips, or to give tips, use the other thread and link to the post in question. Respect and fun are the watchwords here.


I think that's everything. If you have questions, PM me and I'll answer as soon as I can. If something comes up I didn't think of, then I'll update this original post. Updates will be marked ETA (Edited to Add).



Annnnnnd . . . STARTO!

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Here is my Ogre rebased, mold lines worked on a ready for priming.


At this stage of the model all I have done is used a sharp blade to carefully cut off the base and trim and scrape away mold lines. The base is a Back-2Baseix 50mm Wooden Plank base. He is attached to the base with $1 store superglue.


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added some pieces from mantic zombies and GW bits. top of club was drilled out to add spear tip to top.


skulls in the back added


he hates undead even though he is undead


the body is being dragged to a pile unforseen. drilled bottom of hand to attached the body more securely


the base is 4 20mm bases joined together. also used green stuff and liquid green stuff to fill gaps up.


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Ok, this post is basically my beginning, middle, and end of the paint, so I'm sorry, I work kind of quickly (which is why my results aren't really stellar like many of you).


So here he goes, my process! It's a bit incomplete in the details portion, but you can see the broad strokes of what happened.





First thing I did was base coat the entire thing in a mixture of pthalo green and black craft paints.





Next, I began layering lighter greens on top to get a near classic orcish green.





From here, I've scrapped my entire color scheme and went a whole different direction! He's now become the rare and powerful ogre-lich. Undead monstrosity and overall idiot who can't do magik gud, but tries real hard!





Highlights are getting added, schemes are being worked out. I've now given his leather bits and wooden club an ashy grey coating to make them look more spectral and dead. I've done a single coat of dark green/black wash.





I've now ashed up his hand and foot wrappings, to keep with the color scheme, and I've washed his fur loincloth thing with grey to bring out the details more.





And now my favorite part. The basing! I really screwed the pooch here and skipped photographing the first few steps, but they were dead simple, so I'll explain.

1. Take a concrete stepping stone. Smash into pieces. Take one of those pieces and set it aside.

2. Cut concrete chunk to appropriate size with delicate instruments (i.e. hammer, the ground, axe)

3. Coat one part in white glue and sprinkle mixture of cinnamon, jamaican jerk spice rub and dirt (yes, real dirt from the ground!) on glue and depress with plastic object to get the glue nice and filled

4. Dullcote to seal. Then place thinned glue on top of dirt in places you want grass.

5. Sprinkle old, faded dill onto glue. Turn upside down and shake vigorously for excess to fall off and remains to stand up fairly well (definitely no replacement for static grass. I NEED some!)

6. Paint rocks and stuff with paints to your taste.

Voila! You're where this picture is.





Now, I've de-broccified my brosif, here. He is attached with super glue. The yellow you see is his aura of undeath manifest as an unearthly light. It's hard to see, but between his legs, you can see I placed neon green footprints to show his path from the grave behind him,





And here you can see the gravestone I carved from a piece of hardened sculpy! My kids left it outside while playing with it and it became quite stiff. Sliced it into a general tombstone shape then carved the letters and a line across the top with my engraving pen. I painted it black, then coat dark grey and grey onto it for depth. The top has some gritty spices painted grey-green to simulate grave moss. The black marks on the dirt are a small amount of black paint to show the death his very presence embodies.





And here is the final result! All done, ready to be another weird experimental paint job. The tree is a piece of dead sunflower I had in my backyard. I trimmed it down, painted it black with a grey drybrushing, and the put a hint of the yellowish glow on the side nearest the beast.


C&C welcome! Although I think the most obvious one would be to take better pictures and get more of the detailing phases.


Sorry, buglips, if I've let you down :down:

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Alright, here's my first entry:






I painted the eyes and then base coated the following:


Skin: Sandy Brown

Leather Straps: Muddy Brown

Beard: Brown Liner/Blue Liner

Loin Cloth Fur: Walnut Brown

Shoulder Pad Fur: Shadowed Stone

Hide Leather: Tanned Leather/Khaki Shadow

Club: Woodstain Brown


I wasn't particularly neat with the base coats. I found some more mold lines and I'm sick of cutting them off, so I'm going to paint this one more tabletop and less show quality. I really don't like how hard it is to clean the bone minis. Maybe with practice I'll get used to them, but for now this old codger still prefers metal.



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I can't believe no one else has posted since my last post. :blink: I figured this would be filling up tonight.


Finished the rest of the base coating:







Satchel: Muddy Soil

Bag: Dark Shadow/Mahogany Brown

Beard Tie: Olive Shadow

Rope: Chestnut Gold

Tooth on the Club: Stained Ivory

Teeth: Chestnut Gold

Inner Mouth: Antique Rose

Bronze Items: Muddy Soil

Brass Items: Muddy Earth

Gold Items: Chestnut Gold


(All colors are Reaper Master Series.)


I also tried a different background this time. The blue background and lack of white on the model helped to bring out the gold tone in the skin better this time. I'll probably keep trying different background colors throughout the WIP until I find the one best suited for this mini's palette. (Actually, I'm not fully happy with these pictures. The colors are a bit off. I'll have to tinker with the camera for the next set.)


Highlighting starts tomorrow. I've got a long way to go yet.



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Got distracted by my paint station project but I got him covered in Pure Black, drybrushed with Pure White, Base is an undercoat of Muddy Brown, and clearly I missed a few tiny spots.






Still gotta decide my main colors.


(His base looks like a delicious cookie to me right now.)

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I have started mine by priming it and then washing over it with a diluted burnt umber so I can see the details.


Normally I prime with white, but that is very hard to see on a Bones figure. Also I found that the initial layer of paint beaded up somewhat. So I added a touch of burnt umber to my primer to produce a dull, very light brown.


I am using artists' acrylics, which may have something to do with the beading. Anyhow, I primed with Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics in titanium white with a tiny bit of burnt umber, thinned with Liquitex Matte Medium (which helped prevent beading), let dry and washed with thinned-down burnt umber.


post-8022-0-02256000-1348205636.jpg post-8022-0-42025900-1348205649.jpg

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I have now undercoated my ogre.

I used a cheap matt white spray paint (available from most hardware or auto shops).

As you can see I also haven't applied a heavy layer, just enough to get the miniature coated with paint.

At this point I can now see some spots where I didn't do a great job of removing the mold lines...not sure what I intend to do about that at the moment.



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I'm out of the starting gate.

I've trimmed off most of the broccoli base leaving just a bit under his feet, when I get around to basing him properly that won't be visable so I'm not going to fuss over it being neat right now, and it looks like he's wearing sandles which for some reason amuses me. I've cleared up what I could see of the mold lines which were on his left shoulder, right shoulder plate and left side of his stomach. I've brushed a little liquid putty over them to hopefully mask them.

He's been temporarily based for now with a bit of superglue so I'll just cut under his feet when it comes to basing him for reals, which likely won't be anytime soon.

I'm going to leave his putty surgery to cure overnight and I'll start laying some base colours down in the morning.



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I started working on mine a few weeks ago, to try and learn blending + making muscles "pop out"

Then I started school and forgot about the old guy.



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basecoat done.

eyes are done. did them then the skin so i could cover the excess white and black

he is a ghoul/undead ogre. so i left the skin unsmooth for a reason lol.

made his eyes look to the right of him

next will be doing a wash, then highlights along with extra detail and the base

better pictures




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