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The Great Community Ogre Adventure (official WIP thread)

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I went unprimed and have been using MSP paints so far for everything but his beard. I only have MSP from the first two Reaper paint kits plus ~10 Citadel paints. I believe that this is miniature number 6 or 7 for me so far. I can see quite a few mistakes in the pictures, but I will try and fix them after I finish the base coats. Not sure how I feel about the color choices far...



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Just as I feared, I have been extra-busy for the past week, so I wasn't able to get a timely start on my Ogre. Still, I at least managed to prep the miniature and glue it to a base last night. Better late than never, right?




As threatened, I am starting with a coat of black paint to darken the final effect. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to prime the basing materials and start in on the skin tones tonight when I get home from work.

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OK here is where I am at.


Firstly I acquired some Atelier Mouling Paste - its basically the same thing as GWs Liquid Green Stuff but a 250ml $15.15 its a lot better value than $6 for 12ml of no Liquid Green Stuff. With this in hand I worked over the remaining mold lines to remove stop them being visible. I haven't taken a photo at this stage because the Moulding Paste is white and so you couldn't see it.


With that sorted I applied the base colours to the model. Normally I wouldn't do all the colours on such a large model unless I was speed painting it; which I'm not planing to in this case. For base colours I restricted myself to Reaper colours I have with no mixing.



Flesh - 09260 Bronzed Skin

Wood - 09137 Blackened Brown

Metal - 09052 Shadowed Steel

Cloth - 09010 Pine Green

Fur (and inside mouth) - 09037 Pure Black

Leather Belts & Rope - Intense Brown

Beard - 09003 Blood Red

Teeth - 29825 Tusk Ivory


Later on I will use a couple of Reaper Colours that I am unsure of the identity of because the Sample Pots they send with product are inconviently labled "Sample Pot" instead of with their actual colour.


This is essentially undiluted paint applied in a thin coat (so 1 large drop covers most of the flesh for example). There is some minor dilution because the brush is wet and only wiped a couple of times on a cloth to get most of the water out.


The areas where the paint is darker (such as across the top of the back) tend to be places where the Moulding Paste was applied.




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Progress ensues. I am pretty much finished with the base coating. Tomorrow night will be some touch up and then washes.



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No painting today but I got my broken bulb replaced, my previous daylight bulb was affecting the colours a little as you could tell by the white paper in the background, this is a much more true to life appearance. The club was painted first in scorched brown to tidy it up. I then added a little Bestial Brown and drybrushed it all over then a little more Bestial and again drybrushed over on the upper areas,

I then added a little Bleached Bone and drybrushed over the face and top of the club, again doing this twice. Afterwards I washed it all with Devlan Mud. I may revisit the club later.



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Later on I will use a couple of Reaper Colours that I am unsure of the identity of because the Sample Pots they send with product are inconviently labled "Sample Pot" instead of with their actual colour.




Unfortunately when they say sample they really mean sample. These are usually batches of colors that didn't come out quite right (as far as color is concerned) or were failed color experiments. Rather than toss whole batches of these they make up the sample paints and toss them in with their mail order shipments. You would have to mix paint in order to match it, you won't be able to match it to a color in the Reaper line (although you might be able to get close).

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All these are awesome so far. Has anyone done anything with the face on the club yet? I think doing that face in different colors to have it stand out would be pretty cool.

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This thread is for the WIP posts only, any comments should go here.


I hope that wasn't aimed at me. There have been plenty of comments from people who haven't painted these figs on this thread thus far to be a stickler about where comments should go. Comment was to praise the hard work thus far, and my question was aimed at the people are are currently doing their WIP's with this particular mini and a specific part of that mini.

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siliconjedi is just doing what I set out in rule #2 in the original post - because of the expected number of participants, some who haven't started yet, I asked that posts not directly related to the wip(i.e. not containing photos of in-progress Ogre work) be taken to the linked thread instead so as to keep this thread on track and uncluttered.


Comments are welcome, they just fit better here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45603-group-wips-interest/page__view__findpost__p__632203 If you use a poster's name, they'll see the message asking questions or praising their work and you can chat your heart out.


No more non-WIP photoless posts in here, please.

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I actually managed to find enough time to paint my ogre's skin and apply primer to his base. I even have a couple of in-transition pictures to go with it. Please do not become accustomed to this level of production on my part, it can't last.


Base coating:




Part way through:




End result for the evening:




I cheated on the last picture, using my photo set up, instead of taking a picture of the mini on my work bench, but it looks better that way. :blush:



I should've included the paints I used:

The skin is RMS Chestnut Brown shaded upwards through the "Tanned Skin" triad.

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The Flesh - Shadows.


Colours used:

09138 Intense Brown

09137 Blackened Brown

09260 Blackened Skin

09003 Blood Red

09116 Brilliant Blue

29824 Maiden Flesh

09037 Pure Black


Having under coated with Bronzed Skin it was time to work on the majority of the miniature; his skin.


At this stage I painted the eye sockets with 09137 Blackened Brown first.

Then I mixed 1 drop of Bronzed Skin with 1 drop of Blackened Brown making a colour slightly darker than Intense Brown and diluted this down to essentially coloured water. This was then brushed over the whole flesh area to create a consistent dark skin colour, though the focus was on the deeper recesses.



At this stage I mixed Brilliant Blue with Bronzed Skin, this makes a colour slightly lighter than Blackened Brown but it has a blue tone instead of the red of Blackened Brown. This mixture was also thinned down to basically coloured water and was then painted into the recesses of the model and areas where I expected shadows to be the dominant feature of the model.



At this stage, feeling the miniature was too dark and that some of the shadows were too dominant I went back over the flesh with diluted Bronzed Skin but leaving the deep shadow areas largely alone (except if I thought they should be lighter in colour).



After this it gets very hard to see the progress on the mini in my photos but..


For this stage I mixed 1 drop of Blood Red with 1 drop of Bronzed Skin and diluted until it was basically red water. This was then painted over the entire flesh area avoiding pooling in the recesses by applying only a very thin coats and reapplying until there was a clear red tint over the flesh.




Next I painted the eyes. Using the Bette Davis Eyes method.

For the whites I used Maiden Flesh.

I then used Blood Red to apply the pupils, unlike the standard Bette Davis method, due to a small casting issue I noticed when I started the eyes, I painted the eyes so that he is looking to the right. Which is why there is so much "white" visible in this picture. So the right eye iris is painted to the right side of the eye, and the left is in the corner.

I then used Pure Black to dot in a pupil on each eye.

I then used Blackened Brown to tidy up the eye area.


To finish the shadows I thinned down Intense Brown and applied it over the lower side of the muscles and painted over the prior dark shadows (from step 2) to lighten them in areas where I didn't want that really deep shadow to be so distinct. At this stage it still looks pretty messy, but the next coat of 50/50 Intense Brown and Bronzed Skin begins pulling the model together and cleaning up some of that mess.Plus there will be later washes as well. Which is why it takes so long to paint this way :) (And why I'll be using speed painting for most of my Bones models.)




Thanks Heisler for that comment. Fortunatley one of them looks like Ancient Bronze and the other looks like the LED Blue from the Paint Set 4 from the KS, though perhaps a little more like Ash Grey.

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