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The Great Community Ogre Adventure (official WIP thread)

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Just a small update tonight: I started to paint some of the straps and leather items on model.


I decided to try making the band on his right rist leather rather than metal. I'm not sure if I like it yet, but I'm sticking with it for now. I made the straps criss-crossing his body black, and highlighted them using the "Dusky Skin" triad. That's about it for now. I'm still debating about whether to use metallic paint or NMM for his armor plates, etc. For now, I figure I can delay the decision by working on more clothing items, such as the furs.


I'll try to get another good picture from the photo booth to include in my next update, either Thursday or Friday.


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Finally finished up.




Here he is with his base skin on. This was done with three parts Tanned Flesh and one part Carnage Red. Looks pretty decent (though in the lighting of this picture, it looks downright pink). He also has a scar over one eye. I thought it might be a nice visual touch. I think it's a bit too deep, so next time I'll go for a more shallow cut. The eye is very intentionally a ruined mess. The color is a mix of Sun Yellow and Linen White.




Here he is with the base colors done (and even a little experimental highlighting on the metalics). Leather straps are done in Oiled Leather. The hair and fur are both done in Walnut Brown, but they'll look a bit different by the time I'm through. Pants are done with two parts Intense Brown, one part Sun Yellow. The wrappings are a mix of tanned flesh and oiled leather. The metallics are all done in Old Bronze at this point, with a few highlights done with Antique Gold.


Finished product:




I drybrushed the hair and fur. Hair was given a Rainy Grey drybrush to make him look old and grizzled, while the fur was given an Intense Brown drybrush. I've done some shadows and highlights on the skin, and then added some Reikland Fleshshade from Citadel. The clothing was pretty much all given some Agrax Earthshade. Love that stuff. Club was done up with a Black Ink wash to help bring out the details and make it look more like wood. The good eye was redone a bit, but you can't see it from this angle.




You can better see my works at highlights and shading on the skin here. It worked better some places than others. I'm going to be doing the #2 LTP kit from Reaper soon, so that'll help, hopefully.




There, now you can see his good eye. I'd messed up the eye earlier (gotten some flesh color on it), so I had to redo it. The eye itself is done in the same Linen White and Sun Yellow as the other, with a Walnut Brown pupil. The pupil's a little bigger than I intended, but I think it still works.

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Okay! I did some rebasing using air-dry clay to sculpt an old tree stump, and owl, texture the boulder, and lay down some stone pillars that would have supported a cemetary fence, had the boulder not been tossed through through the fence by the ogre! You can see the remains of the fence sticking out from under the boulder and some chunks hanging from the pillars.










There are a lot of spots that need touching up, but the basic premise of the piece is now done. I just have to get those white spots filled in better, but I'm really liking it as my first diorama attempt :D

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Okay, this might get a bit long. There are a lot of pictures of individual steps.


I haven't painted in this style, ever. Twenty years ago, which is the last time I painted minis before this month, I put on simple blocks of color, washed over them with darker shades, and highlighted with drybrushing. I put a lot of detail into faces, but overall I suspect the quality was not as good as I fondly remembered.


So for this ogre I'm trying what seems to be the new style of painting (It might have been back then, too, come to think of it. It's not like I ever talked to another mini painter at the time.): a deepish shade for the shadows, then working up through lighter shades to the highlights.


To begin with, I'm doing the skin. I mixed artists' acrylic paints: Golden brand matte fluid titanium white mixed with high density yellow oxide for the highlights, which I then mixed with Golden matte fluid burnt umber to make a dull tan brown for the shadows.


Here's the figure with the darkest skin shade painted in. I covered nearly everything except where the highest highlights would ultimately be.

post-8022-0-33525300-1348834396.jpg post-8022-0-61987300-1348834412.jpg


Gradually I added more of the light yellow mix to the shadow mix and painted my way up to highlights. Here are two stages in the process.

post-8022-0-07470800-1348834485.jpg post-8022-0-81731400-1348834495.jpg

post-8022-0-53506500-1348834515.jpg post-8022-0-23627400-1348834527.jpg


Next I threw some Golden high density napthol crimson medium into the mix. It's a bright, semi-transparent red. Mixed with the darker shadow color, it made a disturbing reddish purple for inside the ogre's mouth.



And mixed with the lighter skin shades it made softer pinks for rosier areas, like the hands and feet, elbows and knees, and ears. This is where I have gotten so far.




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A bit late to the party, but I'd like to jump in on this as well.


I have the figure sitting based and primed as I was planning on using it as a 15mm scale Giant. I'll upload a pic once I get a chance as I'm out all day and nightshift tonight.

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I've done a bit more at my usual glacial pace.


I went back over the shorts with Graveyard Earth, then added Scorched Brown in for the first shade then a little Chaos Black to that mix for the darker recessed.




I then built the colour up using Graveyard Earth mixed with a little Kommando Khaki and applying a layer, there were four layers in the end with a little Khaki added each time.




I think I need to have a play with the white balancing settings on my camera.

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Hello guys :) I am new here, but have lived vicariously through Recruittons for a while now and thought I'd join in on the WIP fun! Here's what I have so far...



This is Teacup, the frost troll! He enjoys long walks on the glacial coasts, Bashing polar bears and frost wyrms over the head repeatedly, and plundering with his friends. He only has a base coat on now, so he is quite embarrassed, but I told him all trolls do this kind of work to break into an acting career. He will be picked up for The Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo for sure.



Teacup is looking much more dapper now, although still not as classy as some of his brethren here. That's okay though, He is a modern independent troll that is proud of the body that nature (And I) have given him, and isn't afraid to show it off.



A few more minor touchups, almost none of which are even visible in pictures. He was becoming very cross with me at this point for making him work such long hours, so I gave him a vacation while I did my first week of school. This weekend however we shall resume our hectic modeling schedule and get more detail and a proper base!


Edit: I have since been informed that teacup is an ogre, and not a troll. >.> Teacup however identifies as a troll and asks that you respect his life choices.

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Time for an update. Down to one Ogre now, if you missed where I mentioned that before. The primer issues on Budd were unsolvable and redoing him up to the same point was more work than I was in the mood for. So instead I'm pressing on with Mudd.


So he's got eyebrows now. I also washed his khaki cloth areas in some Reaper pro paint Oiled leather, then went back over with khaki to tidy up. I'll add a highlight of linen white over this before I'm through.


Messed up some of my lining, so I'll tidy that up on the blue side. Blue will cover the fix better, it's one of the easy colours to work with.


I painted his beard tie purple because, as I've worked on this project, I've started to notice how this guy's got a bit of Captain Lou Albano to him. So I'll highlight the "rubber band" with liche purple when I'm done the rest of his beard as a nod to the late Cap'n.


I also put some red on his wrist gemstone as a color test. After it sits for a while I'll know if I like it. If I do, then I'll have to break out my CMON gem painting tutorial and use this for extra credit practice.




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I've done his furry bits.....


I started by going over them with Codex Grey then drybrushing the edges with a mix of Fortress Grey and Skull White. I then went through several drybrush layers working in a progressively smaller area each time. First was Bestial Brown and Kommando Khaki, then Adeptus Battlegrey followed by a mix of Adeptus and Chaos Black and finally just Chaos Black.



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Some more painting this weekend, the ogre got his final skin highlights done with tanned highlight. His hair got some color using Reaper MS 9268 Volcano Brown and 9028 Muddy Brown. I decided to go with ritual scarring for the spiral on his shoulder. For the top 2 pics I have started on the leather bits using Reaper HD 29828, but there was something wonky about that paint, I probably did not shake the bottle enough.





Here the leather bits are finished using some yellow mixed in with the woodland brown for highlights. My ogre became a member of the bloody mammoth tribe, and his little pouches and baggies got some color and highlights. The gray bag was painted with a wet blend mix of Reaper HD 29832 and my favorite white, Reaper MS 9061 Linen White.





So here is my ogre after another 1.5 hours, so that is 3.5 hrs so far.

And Nocturne, I am so stealing your paint scheme for the furry bits! :poke:

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I made a little more progress towards the end of the week, painting in his furs and such. I still haven't found a paint scheme that I like for his two little armor plates, but I'll keep working at it.


Sadly, I am going to be away all week, so this is going to be my last post for at least that long. I will try to post a new update (possibly with a completed Ogre) when I get back.


For now, here is what I've done:



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