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What fig would you use?


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It might be just as easy to give him a green stuff toupee.


It's funny I fell asleep last night thinking about how I'd do that toupee and was thinking about using the monk from the Learn to Paint kit 2, cutting off his weapon & hair, and trying to use some milliput that I have on hand to give him some hair like the pic. I'll have to look at it a bit closer when I get home or go buy that Priest (which is really cool!) and add hair to him.

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Sajan. The iconic pathfinder monk.



Remove the weapon. Head swap or sculpt hair.


Why does sajan have pasties?


. (may not be safe for work depending on the humor of your coworkers/place of employment)

(also: may not be safe to view if you have eyes)




also I like qwyksilver's suggestion. Cut off the weapon (and possibly the pasties, if you feel so inclined) and give him some green stuff cornrows.

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