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02386, Boris Mingla aka Bogorislav the Mad

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Here is Bogorislav the Mad, my interpretation of Boris Mingla sculpted by Werner Klocke. I only added a toupee on this one. :;): Again, I mixed both NMM and real metallic paint to continue my exploration of this combination of techniques.


I hope you’ll like it. Comments and critiques are welcome.











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Nice work! I like the red and gold combo, and his hair looks great (reminded me of a young Thulsa Doom perhaps). I think he looks great! I'm curious what gold you are using on him?


I've been playing with metallic paints too, I've seen some people using nmm technique with metals, like using reds or purples (regular non metallic colors, and color depends on the metal one's using with it of course) a little in the shadowed areas to accentuate the effect of light hitting a surface, or the shiny areas. I have yet to paint this way effectively, but when I've seen it done well on the forums or even better in person, it looks really awesome. Michael Proctor is very good at it, his course at Reapercon was great! I think it's a fine balance between flat color and shiny surface area, and layering very thinly. Also a very important thing from the class that I found was he said to have separate brushes and water pots for metallics and regular colors, so the metallic flakes don't accidently mix in and ruin the flat shadowed areas.

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Yes he definitely looks like Thulsa Doom. Just realised that James Earl Jones as the same kind of trickster role in both Star Wars and Conan the Barbarian movies. When Darth Vader fights with Luke, he say «No, I am you father». And, when Thulsa Doom try to hypnotise Conan, he say «what will your world be without me. My son!». What a great actor/doubler, and what a great career.


Ok, I used Vallejo brass as base color. Then I applied two brown washes, followed by a light blue and a light red glaze and I finished with some brass highlights. The final highlights on the sword, axe and chain are pure metal medium color also from Vallejo. There is also silver mixed with the final red highlights on the armor.


I never had the chance to assist to any painting course, so I try different thing on my own and keep what looks nice. Thanks for sharing you experience on the technique, It brighten my day. It’s hard to find that kind of information on the Internet.

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