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Hello people of the Reaper - you may have (or not) been wondering where I got to the last couple of months! Well - let me explain. First up I should mention that I had to spend a fair old while rebuilding my website - ouch - its very time consuming but it now rocks! I had to squeeze that in between various massive army projects. Let me expand on that with some photos:


1) An enormous Chaos Space Marine army of the Thousand Sons/Tzeentch variety:


There's a quite a few more shots over here: http://artisans-work...-sons-2012.html. For those that play/know the Warhammer 40K thing, the army clocks in well over 3000pts - with the older rules (i think they've just re-written them - who knows!)


Next up was GW Necon Army that looks like this:


Of course, there's plenty more info about them on my site. This army looks seriously awesome - I think! Well, all the armies I paint do but y'know - this one's fresh off the press so I'm all excited about it :;):


You can imagine that by now blue/gold/yellow combination is getting a little repetetive! Haha - it was fun. Especially after another guy asked me to paint these on very short notice (I found a bit of resolve to squeeze a little overtime out on this one):


Seriously - I don't mind, but really think I'm getting a little blue/yellow/gold overload now :wow:


So, time for something refreshingly fantastical. Next up I had these guys on the table:



You gotta love goblins eh? But enough GW stuff already - I hear you say... I've got some more NON-GW models on the painting table right now - but they're not ready yet! They'll be finished in the early days of next week though.


Check these out:


Its a Rackham model, Confrontation's Meliador le Celeste - in a crazy orange robe. Perhaps a more professional photo would be better - but that's what I got right now and my camera battery is charging up so manana, manana (that's spanglish for tomorrow, tomorrow)


I do actually have a couple of Reaper models scheduled in but not for a while. I will of course be here at the forums more often this autumn, now that I've got those heady days of summer behind me. So, in the immortal words of Rimmer: "Smoke me a kipper - I'll be back for breakfast"

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nice minis, but the drop-shadow on all your text at your website is hard to read


Thanks for letting me know, very much appreciated. What browser are you using perchance? I thought I'd scrapped the drop shadow for that very reason, and I don't get it when when I'm using Google's Chrome browser, or the others I tried - but maybe... anyway it's really easy to fix, just gotta go through all my code again YAWN!

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What browser are you using perchance? I thought I'd scrapped the drop shadow for that very reason, and I don't get it when when I'm using Google's Chrome browser, or the others I tried


Im getting the same thing in firefox. Firebug tells me its coming from expt2.css line 19:

body {
text-shadow: 7px 5px 5px;



Apart from that, I like both the paint and the site. Very clean paintjobs, which Im always a fan of.

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