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Rahl, Duke of Pain (slight modification)


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I'm going to try hard to do a better job with managing a WIP thread than I did on the purple worm conversion. In this case, I've placed Rahl on a raised wooden base which affords me some nice size on which to do some additional fun basing as it pops into my head. He's been primed once lightly, and I'll do so again with the addition of the green stuff, and some slight mold line cleaning that became more apparent to me after priming.


My conversion aspect comes into play with the addition of a green stuff forked tongue erupting from Rahl's gaping mouth. It just seemed to fit when I was assembling the miniature that he needed this addition. After 2 hours of battling various iterations of failed tongues I finally got one that worked. With assembling, getting him on this base, mold lines and the green stuff I've probably already put roughly 3 hours into this guy.


Here you see my version of Rahl side by side with the photo from Reaper's Store. It appears that Rahl's sword is bent in the store photo, and it looked vaguely 'flame like' to me, so I contemplated adding some fire to the end of the sword, but decided against it for now.


Next step, one more primer coat then it's time to apply paint.



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I'm going to paint it up as rocky terrain most likely, I haven't actually decided. The great thing about green stuff is that you can add some to the base, make it look randomized and earthen and then decide later. Options include:


1) Paint it like volcanic rock

2) Paint it as generalized earth

3) Other type of rock

4) Base over it with basing materials and have it act merely as an elevation changer for an otherwise flat base


My thought process...


Rahl has such a dynamic pose that he's clearly moving into the action of slicing into someone. The elevation change provided by the green stuff, and having randomly distributed on the base serve to enhance the illusion that he's in movement and stepping over the terrain obstacle with his wide stance.

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Base coat done, and I finished the eyes.


My plan is to do 4 different kinds of NMM for this miniature. The cleaver will be a darkish bluer hewn metal, while the sword will be a traditional steel color along with his torture implements. Additionally, we have ornamental copper and gold.


At one point during the base coat, I knocked his tail off again for the 3rd or 4th time. I opted to use green stuff to blend it back in with the back of the coat, and will paint over it once it has set. I used excess to create another rocky formation on the base.


Everything you see here will be highlighted and shaded until he looks pretty much completely different, but each layer will pull from this initial layer to absorb color.


In envision that this particular archdevil was once a living man. A ferocious general with an interest in torturing captives for information. I intend on making his jacket/cloak look like a mockery of his living visage.




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Have you ever done it like I do where I color one major facet at a time? If so, what advantages do you find by blocking it in all in one go like you did?


Honestly I think it's a matter of opinion. I like to have the full base coat down so I can 'try' and identify any major color issues that I might be facing down the line. Plus, doing the base coat at once allows me to familiarize myself with every facet of the sculpt during the 'slop it on' phase. That way, I can accentuate details later without forgetting. I write notes to myself as I go as well to help with that process.

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