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Halloween 2012 Paint Competition Scenic Base Entry thread


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Here is my first entry in this category. #03377, Rotpatch, Pumpkin Golem with a couple of Jack O'lanterns from the #02992 Jack O'lanterns & Pumpkins pack. No story here, just thought it was the one of the most dynamic Halloween figures manufactured by Reaper.


post-6227-0-86698900-1350251194.jpg post-6227-0-59129300-1350251215.jpg

post-6227-0-67292100-1350251250_thumb.jpg post-6227-0-08704700-1350251280.jpg

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The Festering Spirit of Halloween


Here's my participation for the Scenic Base category.


The Festering Spirit 02943 by Jason Wiebe with is custom made Flail of Pestilence.

His weapon was build using; the chains P14472D from Razig Weapons Pack,

the handle is the wooden post included in the Dark Maiden sprue P14106C,

the cranium is from the skulls pack P02611A and

the poisoned blades are daggers from the 02871 Wererats.


For the base, I crafted mushrooms and worms with green stuff and

added some synthetic grass, lichen and painted birch tree seed shells.

The gravestone comes from the Grave Wraith tombstones sprue 03274b.


Yeah, he looks gross, but hey it's Halloween!

I hope you'll enjoy it.









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So, my first entry into any contest is for Halloween... The base is not as fancy as others (it's my first real attempt at basing something for display AT ALL). I'm pleased with the basing, although, as usual, the pictures show how horrible my paint job is compared to others in the thread...


Here goes: I did the 14012 Gauntfield, Necropolis Hero from the Warlord line. I like the look of him, he's the "Santa Claus" of Halloween to me, so I painted him much more festive than I think others have in the past. Hope everyone likes him (or at least tolerates him!)



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