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Mummy Dearest!


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Okay, I've cracked open the crypt, and here's what lies within:


Mummies old and new - a contemporary Reaper on the left and a Citadel from about 1980 on the right. They've certainly scaled up over the years!



Khalith, the Mummy King



Khufu, Nefsokar Warlord



Pharaoh's Bodyguard



and lastly, Khalith, Mummy Lord


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i was about to say how much i loved the scarabs! where did they come from?


The swarm and most of the individual ones were from GW's Warsphinx/Necrosphinx set, as was the Tomb King himself. There were a few more in their Necropolis Knights set as well.

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You know I've never painted a Mummy. I guess I'll need to wait for the Reaper Bones KS to arrive next year to see to that :)


If you need any tips dont be shy asking. I just painted 7 of them and I've got one more that's half finished.

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