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Rebasing Bones?


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I'm fooling around with something similar if not identical now. They may not be level enough to prevent wobbling, however I solved this with a thin layer of greenstuff on the bottom.


I crosshatched the greenstuff with a hobby knife, put a little water on a smooth plastic surface, then pushed down and in tight circles buffing the green stuff down and level. The cross hatching lets you tell if a spot is not getting worn smooth and level, because it will be the only spot still marked.

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I rebased the following Bones minis onto wooden discs:


Cave Troll


Ogre Champion

Purple Worm


I also have several non-Bones minis rebased onto wooden discs, not the least of which is my current WIP thread on Rahl, Duke of Pain.


Hope that helps,



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Those wood works geometric shapes are perfect. I know because I am doing it right now. To make sure the bond was good, I took one of the reaper artists advice and using my hobby knife I made cross hatch cuts into the top of the wood and the bottom of my mini. You can see my work over here. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45938-my-main-halloween-contest-2012-entry/


Note: DO NOT USE the super thin super glue, use the gap filler stuff. The super thin bleeds right through the grain and makes a giant mess. Yes, I learned the hard way...

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Overpriced once shipping is added in. They want 9 bucks to ship one bag from Texas to Illinois.


1" metal bases { called washers by normal folks ] can be bought at the hardware store. 100 can often be bought for between $3 to $15 US dollars. Call the local stores, the prices do vary store to store. 1.5" and 2" metal washers can also be bought there for moderately higher prices. if you want a 3/4" base, a US penny will work.


Poker chips are usually either 1.5" or 40mm. Cheaper ones are usually 1.5".


Bases can be had pretty cheaply if you know where to look. 1" discs show up often in several types of merchandise. If you buy bases online, there is a decent chance the shipping will cost you more than than the bases would have cost you at the Dollar Store / Craft store / Hardware store.


This guy has decent prices for plastic bases, but he recently got himself a day job so this supply might dry up. Bases for miniatures


Even with international shipping EM4 minis bases are a good value. They are very close to the "slotta" bases games workshop uses and these were the bases Wotc used for the 2001 Chainmail game. em4miniatures Miniatures Bases and http://www.em4miniat...g/Counters.html


Galeforce 9 USED to sell pints and quarts of MDF bases for a good price.


Some folks swear by litko, but they overcharge for Oval and Pill shaped bases :(

Circular Miniature Bases: 25 mm - LITKO Game Accessories

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Typical poker chips are good bases for ogres and such, but way too big for normal humanoids. The only issue is that the base might look undersized in grid focused rules that go from 1" to 2" with no stops in between.

They're dirt cheap when you buy 100 1", 50 2", 10 3", 10 4", and still charge you the same amount for shipping.
From what it looked like to me they charge LESS shipping for an order of that size.
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I'm not a fan of the basing style that's grown up with GW while I was away from the hobby. I grew up with sculpted bases. At some point, I'll get into basing I imagine, but for now I love these: http://www.back2base-ix.com/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=2


I would really like to see reaper get more into sculpted bases, but I'm not sure the market is there given the dominance of GW and their retraining of hobbyists over the years.


(I also dislike broccoli bases! Sculpt me a scene fitting the mini! :))

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About which?


As I said, I grew up with sculpted bases, stuff like this guy (not mine, just a random googled image):




So that, or a nice clean flat base that would get painted a red, grey or green with a black wash. The flat bases with subtle paint was perfect for gaming minis.


My main issue with 'flocking' type basing (the big trend) is that it's so completely specific. Hope you meet those orcs on the windswept plain, or they're going to look really odd on a moving patch of tall grass ten levels underground. That kind of thing. Works great if you play on standard gaming tables in war or skirmish games, but I hate that it locks you into that.


Broccoli falls in between having to do it all yourself and the nice simple flat surface of old parthas.


For display pieces, yeah, I can see all the froo-froo.

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The thing is regardless of what you do with the base eventually it will be wrong for the scenario. Base your models so you are happy with them.


For example with my Ravenloft minis I painted the base edge black (blue for PCs) and the top gray and they were done.


Most models I paint the edge of the base black, the top green and then flock.


With the Bones I fully expect to take advantage of the Back-2-Base-ix because it is so easy to debase the Bones and glue them to the resin base.

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