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Continuing to plug away at my 1/35 Jagdpanzer IV L/70(V) project. Just ordered 2 frets of photo-etch parts to detail it up.


Besides that, planning on finishing up assorted Dark Elfs for Warhammer, and a few assorted Reaper/Otherworld minis for RPGs. Finally I want to finish up/magnetize my fleet for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada.



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I will be finishing;

Bones Ogre & DHL Swamp Hag & Highlander


I also aim to finish 10 5 WotC Chainmail Kobolds.


We'll see what else I get done in this month, but as I'll be back at work next week and my wife will be gone for 2 weeks starting next week as well things are not looking good.



AEG: Clan War Naga Abomination ('98 boxed set).

Studio McVey: Female Firebrand Conscript.

WotC: Dracolich (at last!!)

WotC: 5 Chainmail Kobolds

Bones Ogre Chieftain.

DHL: Kain Swiftblade

???: Zombie Captive

Citadel: Owlbear

Citadel: Human Fighter

Reaper DHL: Swamp Hag

Reaper DHL: Hell Hounds (2)

Ral Partha: Wood Elf

Reaper DHL: Killer Frog

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What's the goal of a roll call?


To help motivate people to paint. It is a place for people to place their painting goals for the month.


I don't see a list.... is there supposed to be a list?


If you'd like. I don't because it becomes a list of everything I don't do for the month. I've actually painted more by writing out what is stopping me, writing down vague nebulous goals, and then magically I paint more. :;):

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I'm doing a 6 man unit of Cygnar trenchers right now, ton of other stuff on the table too.


Okay, the trenchers are driving me up a wall, so I've switched over to the wraiths from 03424. I need em if I'm ever doing that 4E game, anyway...


Edit: And now he's done. Base done, anyway, not sure if I'm going to say "good enough" or Quickstain him...


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