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HeroQuest Figures - Chaos Knight and Fimir Speed Paint


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Here are a couple of minis I did this afternoon I attempted a speed paint, so I only allowed myself 40 minutes per figure because I'm hoping to improve my time/mini in preparation for the mini-ganza I'll be doing in March!


I also tried out doing some NMM on the weapons and a bit on the armor of the Chaos Knight.






I feel like I did alright for a quickie, especially the Fimir. The Chaos Knight took longer than I was aiming for because of the NMM attempts, and finding out too late that red NMM is only red and gray/black, and not white for highlights. I am a fool!


Also, I dipped the knight because I thought the glossy look worked for his armored self, but not so much for the lizardy Fimir.


ETA: Okay, the Fimir is now dipped, and dullcoted. I also added an iris to his eye, touched up a few places, and put in some faint highlights on his head, shoulders, thighs and forearms. Oh, and I painted his nails, so he can be beautiful for the boys!





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Nice. I like the spots on the Firmir's back in particular - looks really natural to me.


My own old HeroQuest stuff is waiting until I get the KS paints next year, so its good inspiration to see other people doing them. Although its still kind of a daunting task... unlike Buglips, Ive got dozens and dozens of them.


Not sure if I approve of the missing bauble on the Chaos Warrior's helmet or not...

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Yeah, going through the HeroQuest stuff, apparently I'm missing every single undead creature in the set except the Necromancer. I thought it was better preserved than this... Also, I still have 1 more Chaos Knight left, and his bauble is quite intact. Next time, I'll keep it on, for posterity.


I still have a ton of goblins and orcs to paint though!

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I'd been considering it. Even with dullcote, though, there is still a considerable amount of shininess that comes through. Although, with how reptilian he looks, I don't think a little skin glisten would be so bad, and with a couple of coats of dullcote, he shouldn't be as shiny as the chaos warrior.

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Ahhhh screw it. I gave him the dip. Once he cures and I've hit him with a coat or 2 of dullcote, I'll post another pic of him! Thanks for pushing me over the edge on that, OC. Right after dipping some of those extremely shallow details that weren't quite popping came out much clearer. Something about the Heroquest stuff just loves being dipped, in my eye.

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Very Nice. I guess I must have gotten out of gaming before these came out, because I do not remember them at all. I got out of Fantasy gaming during the high point of D&D second edition, Then moved on to Twilight 2000 and BattleTech / MechWarrior.

I really like Fimir. Looks like a fun figure to paint.

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Very Nice. I guess I must have gotten out of gaming before these came out, because I do not remember them at all. I got out of Fantasy gaming during the high point of D&D second edition, Then moved on to Twilight 2000 and BattleTech / MechWarrior.

Hah, my band was still playing 1st ed AD&D in the early 90s!
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Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind words. It's a bit chilly so the varnish could take a bit to cure fully, so I'm going to wait overnight before dullcoting my little fimir friend. One he's done with that, expect an update. Although, in my opinion, it was definitely an improvement.


@cookjimjr: It came out in 1990 in the United State, originally, which I think is around the time you left. It's really fun, though! It's the earliest D&D-esque board game I can think of, but I could be wrong.

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Its a good thing this thread made me get my stuff out to have a look at... Theyre in need of cleaning and look like theyve developed a few stress marks since last time I looked at them. I need to take better care of them.


On the bright side, though, from what I can research on the net I still have every figure Im supposed to have (game plus Kellar's Keep and Witch Lord expansions). Only things missing are two swords broken off from goblins. Ive got so many little placeable skulls... Id forgotten about some of the nice dungeon dressing, too.


I guess I must have gotten out of gaming before these came out, because I do not remember them at all. I got out of Fantasy gaming during the high point of D&D second edition


You must have just missed them. HeroQuest is circa 1989/1990 just like AD&D 2nd Ed.


Although I gather it came out in the UK first (its a Games Workshop game) and took a year or two in getting to the US.

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@Caffiene: If you can stand losing little bits, the rats and skulls are awesome basing material. I've used a skull for one of my ogre's bases, another to top off a weapon, and I have the rats at the ready for any generic dungeon base or sewer basing I want to do.


And you're right about the dressings. The cardboard is a bit cheesy, but the wizard's desk and the sarcophagus/tomb are really well done and could definitely fit into a lot of different ideas.

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    • By strawhat
      Hold on to your butts...
      This thread is going to be sizable because I'm starting my HeroQuest core box (Mythic Tier).  The expansions will get their own threads, which should be much shorter (as there are far fewer minis).
      I've already started painting and have (nearly) completed many doors, and made significant progress on the bookshelves and cabinet.  In an effort to get me to finish Tyrants of Lothal (an ongoing issue), I am forcing myself to complete the boring scenery elements first.  Which means doors.  Lots of doors.  And, when you've finished with the doors, you realize that you need to do some more doors.
      Where's Jim Morrison when you need him?
      Except as noted, the paints on the scenery are Delta Ceramcoat.  No exceptions yet, but maybe on the bookshelves...

      I would like to take this opportunity to not thank the individual that decided we needed vines on the doors.  It doesn't really show in the pictures, but I've used a medium green (Medium Foliage Green, to be specific) on some of the vines.  Khaki has been used on the others.  I have another door or two that were trimmed from the pictures, but you get the idea.  The stone has been set up with Black, Charcoal, Deep Taupe, Rain Grey, and White.  Start iwith Black, Charcoal or Deep Taupe and then work up through the next two colors with a solid drybrushing.  So much drybrushing.
      And still eight doors to be done.
      I felt that I needed something a little more interesting than simple stone for the keystones, and since this is a magical realm I figured that maybe a mad wizard might have spells worked into the doors to keep him informed of what has happening and give him a chance to taunt the heroes at inappropriate times--just like Zargon's twitter feed.  So I decided to use Gold instead of more black/grey stone.   I am looking for a good metallic on the iron bands and rings.  Silver is just too bright.  The wood was done with yet more drybrushing.  Starting with a base of either Black, Chocolate Cherry, or Burnt Sienna and then working up eventually to Golden Brown or Khaki.  It seems to work pretty well.

      The same theory from the doors works with the bookshelves and cupboard.  I'm thinking about using some color on the scroll work--some sort of gilding, maybe.  The hinges and handles on the cupboard will get a similar treatment to the hinges and handle on the doors--once I figure out exactly what that is.
      I'm about nine hours into the doors, and three into the bookshelves and cupboard.
      Now to finish some of these doors so I can work on some of those other doors.
    • By lazarp
      I'm in love with this mini, that retro feel it has is just great!
      I had a lot of fun painting it and tried being bold with the basing 
      Really happy with how it turned out 

    • By Kyle the Wanderer
      It's been a while but finally got my Orc Horde done from Heroquest!

    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      Since HeroQuest was one of my gateways into miniatures, I felt it appropriate to pay homage to that when I got Dungeon Saga.

      The freehand on the wizard came out better than I'd expected.

    • By Pragma
      I am a big fan of the HeroQuest board game, which I played with my dad and brother in the 90s. Lots of happy memories. Well, now I am the dad and my kids have gotten into my old game of HeroQuest! There were only two problems. First, we were missing the dwarf figure. Second, the heroes are all male, which didn't seem very fair to my daughter. So I decided to solve both problems with help from my collection of unpainted bones.
      First, the barbarian. My daughter requested a purple dress and blue hair. So how could I resist? She also asked for either a heart or flower pattern on the shield, so I decided to make a flower out of hearts.

      My son chose the dwarf, and wanted him kept fairly close to the box art. So I kept him in reds and browns, with a white beard. He made the base out of sculpey with a little help from me. He wanted lots of bones and stuff on the base, so I gave him an old skeleton mini and let him cut it up and glue the bits onto the base.

      The elf I had already painted, but my daughter thought she was "the most beautiful" so I just touched her up a bit and attached her to a new base. Unfortunately she went on just a little crooked.

      The wizard was also already painted, and just got a touch up and a new base. My son requested a bit of scroll on the base, and I'm happy with the way it turned out.

      All the bases were done in sculpey and painted to look like squares from the HeroQuest game board. I can't wait to play our first game with the new party! Comments and criticism appreciated :).
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