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Firebrand Drone - Studio McVey


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Thanks for the links, cash. I have used a largely untutored wet-blending method my entire career, and look forward to updating it. My original method is a bit too random in outcomes. Straight layering OTOH is annoying and fairly useless for painting moderate amounts of tabeltop... at least, in my opinion! I also find layering unrewarding. My old method produced results quite quickly. What I had previously settled on was wet-blending (early 90's, untutored, read about it in "Planetstorm" from Global Games) followed by layers.


It's interesting looking at the bits of method I came up with independently, most of which I forgot or did not pursue diligently.

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I'll echo the kudos for the skin and cloth. That orange is awesome.


The rust effects are pretty cool, too.


The tip of the gun looks pretty nice, like it's glowing. I wish there was a touch of OSL on the rusty stock surrounding it, just to drive home the glow effect. Just a touch of highlight in that blue-white shade on the metal edges surrounding the tip would do it.


Really nice job on the overall mini, though. Wish my oranges and reds looked that smooth and vibrant!

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I'm not a huge fan of spot OSL like that, it can so easily go wrong. I probably should have went for it, since my rust/oil/weather effects went wrong already!


Thanks for all the kind comments, I hope this is the start of something really good. Minis have always held a special place in my life, even though I was never brave enough to paint them. Having some success with learning about painting is really exciting for me. I do want to write up a more extensive post-mortem about some of the techniques I learned or worked on at some point.


This is an entry into an informal contest over at Studio McVey. They have such amazing painters over there, I expect the mighty XUR to take it again.

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I just posted a quick post-mortem on the WIP thread linked in the original post.


For fellow newbs, I encourage you to go read it so you can get a feel for just how much I learned and advanced on this one mini. It's still kind of shocking for me to see the results. You can do it! Just be brave and don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's how you learn!


Posting pics and WIPs and seeking advice from more advanced painters is important. If you don't understand something they say, ask for clarification - the mini community is really, really awesome. Take more pics than you need to post, and study them. Make notes about things to go back and fix or what you like or don't like about the mini...then figure out how to fix it!


Most importantly, soak up all the amazing materials available today. It's really mind-blowing how much instructional and example material is out there compared to almost nothing when I was a kid in the late 70s. Watch, read, learn, ask questions. A year of doing that between my last mini and this one made a huge impact on the results, and I'm just barely grasping most of the techniques and theories.

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Wasn't following the WIP but as other have said this is great and that skin is really well done with some very nice subtle blending. You should be very proud of what you achieved.


Hehe, don't feel bad to loosing to XUR I don't think it's possible for people to actually beat that man as I, and many way more talented then me, have lost many of times to him and he's deserved every win. But he's ex-Rackham sculptor and painter so that already places him in a top tier in this hobby.

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