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    • By Maledrakh
      Have some Pride!
      Minis from the lovecraftian tentacled horror board game The Others: 7 Sins.

      The Avatar of Pride

      Leonine and resplendant. Unashamed. All Out. Pride.

      The largest of all the Avatars, the base is a pillshaped 65mm x 45mm.
      The Abominations of Pride:

      25mm integral bases.
      The Abominations of Pride are a further exploration of Contrast paints. And as it so happens, they are slightly reminiscent of rainbow stripes when on parade.  This is in fact unintentional but at the same time oddly fitting.
      These were basecoated in a light cream colour, and then each was given a single coat of a different contrast paint.
      From the left: Creed Camo, Space Wolf Grey, Wildwood, Militarum Green, Plaguebearer Flesh, Darkoath Flesh.
      I then tried to drybrush them a bit, but the contrast paint came off in patches, not being strong enough to resist the mechanical rubbing of the bristles. *sigh* and here I thought I was being extra gentle.
      So this reinforces the earlier lesson of no drybrushing on contrast paints.
      I put some carroburg crimson shade wash on the ends of the limbs and tentacles, and later some thinned Mephiston Red regular paint. Eyes in blue, some teeth, black bases with black flockmix and done.

      All that Pride, and not a shred of Dignity.
      These are the last of all my The Others: 7 Sins minis. Now their to-be-painted-box in the shelf is all empty and hollow, ready to be filled by someting shiny and new! Time to prep some more of the HATE minis perhaps?
      Avatar and Abominations of Pride
      From the base game set of The Others: 7 Sins boardgame, 2016
      Guillotine Games / Studio McVey / CMON
      PVC boardgame plastic
      The boardgame and some expansions should still be available in the wild but seem to be getting scarce.
    • By ThirstyBob
      Commissioned: Oni of Hate, from Rising Sun.


      Could have made the flames a little more contrasty for sure. More lighter yellows and whites. It was taking too long though, needed to wrap it up. Any c&c appreciated.
    • By Maledrakh
      The minis from The Gluttony Expansion for The Others 7 Sins boardgame. 

      aka The Greater Deamon of Bloated Body Horror. I call him Tetsuo.
      40mm base.
      and his little mini me’s, the Abominations:

      I call them the six little pigs.
      25mm bases.
      The Controller of Gluttony


      I call her Leeloo.
      25mm base.
      All of these are made in board game plastic / Rigid PVC
      The Others 7 Sins is published by CMON / Guillotine Games with miniatures by Studio McVey.
    • By odinsgrandson
      This lovely sculpt is from Studio McVey.  Sculpted by JAG, the detailing is very small and quite intimidating (something I've come to expect from his minis).
      Anyway, enough introduction:


    • By ObsidianCrane
      My show off thread for March. Comments are always welcome.
      Finished Reaper
      77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger x4
      Finished Other Brands
      Unknown: Harpy
      AEG/Valiant: Clan War Unaligned Shugenja
      GW: Wraithguard
      GW: 3 Empire Spearmen (2 regular 1 hero) (2000 WHFB starter.)
      GW (Citadel pre-1990): Fimir Noble
      Ral Partha: Thri-kreen (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set)
      GW LotR: Ringwraith x5
      Ral Partha:Gith (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set)
      GW (Citadel pre-1990): Dwarf Adventurer (Bandit)
      Ral Partha: Anakore (Dark Sun Peoples of the Land boxed set)
      Bonenami: 134
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