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My Castle Ravenloft Miniatures (Picture Heavy)

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Well my project to paint all of my Castle Ravenloft miniatures finally came to an end this morning when I finished the Dracolich.


Now these are all speed painted to tabletop standard so nothing fancy. The basic technique was to paint the base colours, wash with black and then paint the highpoints back in the midtone, maybe add some highlights a shade or two higher. The only exception is the Dracolich, which is only slightly more detailed in painting with a bit more highlighting - most of its extra work is in the wings.


So here we go;



Closer Pictures;








Solo picture of the Dracolich;



If people want pictures of the individual models I'm happy to share those as well, but I figured we were already getting a little picture intensive.

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Heroes: I've only taken an individual shot of the Dragonborn Fighter.





I'll only provide a picture of 1 of each monster that I've taken a shot of, rather than doing everything and catching the few that are missing.







Note wraith mini has the hands and skull painted goblin green then a thin wash of an emerald green paint over the whole mini, then highlights were applied with goblin green again and it was done.









Like the Wraiths, the flaming skeletons have a wash of blue ink over their flames and then the bones were painted with a Brilliant Blue, then a pale blue (made by adding a little bit of Brilliant Blue to Pure White) then they were highlighted with Pure White.













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    • By Darcstaar
      This one is next in line.  He needs a better base.  

      This is a standard Reaper 1 inch base.  And a sheet of embossed styrene cobblestone, for model railroading.  I superglued it on, trimmed around it with an X-Acto, then sanded it down to 800 grit.  Any gap left is going to get the Brush On Sealer treatment to deal with the seam.  After this I just superglued the Mocking Beast on.  No pin.
    • By Darcstaar
      Here is my BONES version of the Eye Beast.
      This is my project going model-by-model down the Bones I Kickstarter rewards images through all my models, and logging them as WIP.
      And bringing along any pewter versions I have for the ride.
      WIP Here:
      These guys are very rewarding and great practice for eyes.
      I coated the eyes and mouth with brush on gloss varnish to give it that live, wet, salivating look.
      C/C Welcome.


    • By Darcstaar
      I started this to be the BBEG for Dragon's Demand.
      I really enjoyed painting it.  This is my first full dragon miniature painted.
      I spent a lot of time on it, and I'm pleased with the outcome.
      I hope you like it.  This was my first time using Birch seed pod debris as leaves, and I think they look good.
      Here is the link to the WIP:
      C&C welcome.




    • By Darcstaar
      Since the Eye Beasts are making good progress, getting the next model ready.  A suitable Player Character model.  Turanil, Male Elf Paladin.

      The plan is white and red.  I’m hoping the peacock comes across as a Phoenix.
    • By Darcstaar
      Prepping for the next Bones I WIP.
      The Eyes Have It!
      I have this in metal too, so I’m planning to do both together.  You can see I did some surgery on the metal one.  Lots of hole drilling after cleaning mold lines.

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