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A yellow that only takes one or two coats?


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Yellow is a pretty evil colour to work with. I also mix with brown or tan for the basecoat. The good thing about yellow is that it trains you to manage difficult colours - which could be any kind of colour. As far as I remember, the more straight pigment a colour has the harder it is to lay down. I've got Ocean Blue and Breonne Navy from old Pro Paint and if you don't mix it with something it'll take 50 coats to get any coverage - but most other blues are an angel's purest joy to work with.


The high pigment ones do make for loverly washes, though.

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If you are using artists' paints, the cadmium yellows are both brilliant and extremely opaque. (They're used on school buses) They are, however, toxic heavy metals. They have a range from bright lemon yellow through to a deep yellowish orange.


Yellow oxide or yellow ochre or Mars yellow (basically all the same pigment) are iron oxide based and very nearly as opaque as the cadmiums while being a lot less toxic. Their color is nice, but mellower and less bright than the cadmiums. More like a pale brown mustard.


Most of the rest of the yellow pigments are translucent or transparent, and I suspect this is why so many minis craft paints yellows are troublesome.


Since I don't like to work with the cadmiums, most of the time when I want a really bright yellow I lay down an undercoat of Mars yellow or Mars yellow lightened a bit with white. When it is fully dry I glaze over it with a really bright transparent yellow, such as quinacridone gold.


I hope this helps. I'm sorry I haven't really worked with minis craft paints yet, so I can't give recommendations.

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