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Lox Jarg WIP

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So I can't wait untill march so broke down and bought the first three reaper L2paint kits to scratch that itch, my kits are currently lost in shipping limbo and I ran across this Lox Jarg figure while goofing around the otherday, I have been looking for a decent tengu miniture for a While and this is the best i can find.


This one i plan to take my time on and finish the paint kits and work on changing the mini a bit untill i feel comfterable painting it.

the idea was to fit this for a bastard sword wielding tengu necromancer that im currently playing in a pathfinder game, I'm thinking a dark colorscheme with some bright accents maybe gold.

only downside is that it's a heroic 32mm and is about 36mm at the head so it's Slightly large than our other mini's but not enough to throw things out of wack.


IMG_20121006_195315 by Color out of space, on Flickr


So the plan so far is to

#1 ditch the wings and replace them with the backpack from 02638: Adventuring Accessories.



#2 Not planning to use the extra limb to the log as it will interfear with combat placement.


#3 add the necronomicon from 03284: Adventuring Accessories: Magic items as his spell book, at this point I keep going back and forth from having it on his left hip or left hand, final desion will have to wait untill it's been purchased and i can play around with it a bit.


I was wanting to replace his sword with a bastard sword but after getting the mini and seeing how small the sword and arm is I will save that kind of headach for when im al little more practice.


So for now I wait on my kits to arrive.

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03284: Adventuring Accessories: Magic items - I've never seen that before!


I'll have to get that. I'm not sure when, or how, but a spellbook with a screaming spirit face will come in handy eventually.


Even if that's the only dungeon dressing used.


DM: "And on the pedestal is a strange book . . . "


*puts miniature book on table*


Player 1 (fighter): "Is . . . is that a screaming face on the cover?"


Player 2 (cleric): "Don't anybody touch it!"


Player 3 (wizard): "Do want."

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Flash has been removed from the inside of the right leg and body, left elbow, now the right arm needed some work, the hilt still had small piece of from the flow of the metal to the hilt and here's the difficult part the rightside of the sword is Slightly higher than the left so the area around the back of the sword guard looks to have Really bad flash depending on how you look at it, It took a bit but I slowly scraped it down to look a little more even without hurting the detail of the right right side of the sword, there was also some thick flash on the front of the sword in this area but it cleaned with no problem.


I must have lost my exacto knife in my recent move but a very sharp & very skinny gerber knife worked just fine for cleaning this mini up.

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so my extra parts have come in from reaper (thanks for the quick shipping guys) and I have made my final decision on placement of the backpack and book but im stuck on one thought should i attach the the parts and then paint them or paint them seperately and then glue them in place?



went ahead and glued the book into the hand and as you can see the original idea of using the necronomicon went out the window when i saw the scale so i settled on the smaller book.


IMG_20121017_160208(1) by Color out of space, on Flickr


The backpack took a lot of work to cut the bedroll off to fit, next I am going to carve out the back to it will sit flush, the bottom edge still needs a bit of work to smooth the edge out


IMG_20121017_160755 by Color out of space, on Flickr

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so here's the original base coat of citadel incubus blue and ironbreaker for the sword/bracer on the right arm. I played around with it for a few days after this and had it painted but unassembled and ended up soaking it in acetone as i was Really unhappy with the first attempt however learned a Lot about using washes and paint control. Oh and the main thing i learned, Testor acrylics will survive a 500lb bomb explosion from close proximity it takes an act of God to get that stuff to let go of the mini.


also if you notice the specs on the base of the mini that are unpainted that's where the base coat wore off when i was handling it, i had a Lot of trouble with this during the corse of the first attempt which led me to base the mini first thing this time.




IMG_20121018_093744 by Color out of space, on Flickr


so at this point the right arm and chest/back/tail have a thin base coat of an off white testor's acrylic, the bracer on the right arm has had a couple of washes in citadel iron breaker. (apoliges for the picture quality i still can't find my camera after moving and I stayed up way to late messing with this)


IMG_20121020_000508 by Color out of space, on Flickr


I glued it across the slot as that was the only way i could get it to stay attached to the base krazy glue or not, going with the slot there wasn't enough surface area.


IMG_20121020_000356 by Color out of space, on Flickr


So the left arm got a coat of the tan testor's then two or maybe three iron breaker washes for the blade with a testor's silver wash for the edge of the blade, the guard was also washed in ironbreaker but it needs some more imo. the grip of the wrap is some more citadel that i picked up last nigth that i plan on using on the leg wrappings also.

you can Just make out the detail under the yellow but i was Really happy with how i was able to get the paint into this area without spoiling the rest of the painted areas. Im going to dig around this weekend and see if i can find my camera after work and take some better shots before i finish it up.



IMG_20121020_000814 by Color out of space, on Flickr

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It took a while to get my camara to focus on the mini enough were you could se the detail in the chest area, it's pretty washed out in this picture and it's a little hard to see the two tone effect the iron breaker had on the armor, it's darker in the detailed areas. i was feeling pretty good until i saw this zoomed in picture :p


so at this point there's a couple of areas that need to be touched up and some that also need it that i couldn't see with my naked eye, the skirt for a lack of a better word needs some work and some more detail in the back and I need to do something with the log im just not sure what to do with it at this point.


I played around with drybushing for the leather leg wraps and im reletively happy with that, just need a Lot more practice.


any advice on the skin/feathered areas to darken them up a bit?


DSCN0091 by Color out of space, on Flickr

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ended up having to scrap the original base and repaint due to a tarrasque attack Err I mean my cat knocked the mini onto the hardwood floor and chipped the paint pretty badly and scattered the parts all over the kitchen.


So paintjob #3 needed the mini for a game this afternoon so i knocked out another paintjob and gave it a quick dull coat, there's some things I need to touch up but they can wait till later. oh and that lump on the front edge of the base? it's part of the base and not a Massive lump of blue paint >,>


DSCN0102 by Color out of space, on Flickr


and yea i realized after i dull coated it that i forgot to finish the area under the tail after the krazy glue set. >,>


DSCN0103 by Color out of space, on Flickr



DSCN0104 by Color out of space, on Flickr

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