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Hell On Earth is Coming


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Im in on the $80 ganger pledge with no add ons.

The Iron Alliance miniatures are not free, they are part of my 10 included miniatures if I want them right??

Im thinking this is what I got...

Hell on Earth one sheet adventure

Hell on Earth soundtrack

Savage Worlds Dexluxe Explorers Edition



Female Templar

Male Librarian

3 Wormlings (free stretch goal)

3 Mutants (free stretch goal)

Doombringer (free stretch goal)

Melee Weapon Sprue (free stretch goal)

Ranged Weapon Sprue (free stretch goal)

then 10 minis of my choice....

Goth Witch

Blind Bounty Hunter

Male Templar

Female Law Dog

Female Doomsayer

Female Toxic Shaman

Male Psyker

Male Junker

Female Waster

Male Waster


That sound correct?

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$80 Ganger level here. I went with:


2 additional Hellstromme models (cause you can never have enough crazy chainsaw wielding robots)

Both Psykers (cause bald is sex-ay, ya dig)

Female Toxic Shaman

Female Law Dog (for some reason the artwork for this one makes me think of Firefly. Had to have it)

Iron Alliance 1 (Goth Witch)

Iron Alliance 3 (Survivalist?)


I'm sure I'll end up picking up most of the rest of the line at retail, I just couldn't spring for more at the time of the kickstarter.

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I loved the art for the female toxic shaman. The mini ended up with a different staff pose- I suspect it was a casting issue and makes perfect sense. Didn't like the new pose as much, but it's easy to convert, so I still got an extra!

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This is an unofficial answer about the sculpts. As far as the greens go, only 4 are left to sculpt, so all the figures should be completed in the next few weeks. Some of the figures that were originally going to other sculptors have since been re-assigned to us. Fitting the new figures into our schedule without hurting our previously scheduled work ( for Reaper and our other clients), required a carry-over into January. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Many thanks to Ron Hawkins for keeping us updated as he coordinated the new release schedule.


Bob and Julie

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I got mine also. Surprisingly the same day I got the Email that they sent out all the pledges. No tracking or notice that they were shipping lol. The minis look very nice. Although I really wanted the 30mm round lip bases that we were supposed to get, not the square ones we got.

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I finally got around to painting my favorite mini from the set, the female toxic shaman.

I love the sculpt, except for the Popeye forearms and lack of finger detail on the upraised hand. ^_^

(yes, I wanted the vacant eye look, so no pupil)





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