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Going Native:Warpath Kickstarter (Paymaster Games)

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Well since it's a day of the week there's another new mini based skirmish game KS




Based on groups from the Americas & Pacific these could be the minis (Metal for those who care like you Buglips) you have been looking for


The core rule book includes one War Party from each region: Pacific Northwest Tribes from the North, Woodland Tribes from the East, the Aztec Triple Alliance from Mesoamerica, the Inca Empire from the South, and the Hawaiian Koa from the Pacific.


First up is an Aztec Officer




A wereshark spirit beast from the pacific




and a shapeshifting Mayan Shaman (Nagul)





A full starter kit is around 15 minis, an example shown is for the pacific northwest



15 figures above, and a LE figure and a print for $50 ($65 international)


or if you want the rules too $70 ($85)


probaby not one for me being broke

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I have to think about this one, the sculpts look pretty nice, but at this time of year extra cash is hard to come by (why the heck were all of these KS projects done so close to the holidays anyway?). I am still feeling guilty about missing Reaper's KS (family issue), but than again Reaper gets enough of my $$$ throughout the year :poke: .

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I'm always glad to see more PoC minis, but I'm a little tapped out at the moment. Will they be available for sale later?

I actually emailed them about this, and got this response:

"I am hoping summer of next year. There is alot of work to do from now until then."

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Hello lads,


Thanks for noticing my kickstarter.


We will be putting up add-ons next week. Please check the comments on the Campaign page.


We are working on a Game Play video and a putting together a Starter Kit break down right now as well. Which should be up next week.


Oh, the Beast at the top is not the Were-shark, it is a Ahklut, a Orca/wolf hybrid from Inuit myth. And it is huge, in real life it is the size of a bear or larger.


I am also new to this site, what does PoC stand for?


I will be checking back often, so if you have any question please ask away.

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