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Going Native:Warpath Kickstarter (Paymaster Games)

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It has been brought up before, and it is a concern of mine. I have not run any tests yet.


Their is nothing to worry about though. If it does not work out i can fix it my self or ask that caster to take a look at. The Caster has a sculpter on hand that i can use if their is any trouble.


I do have a alternate War Chief incase this model has to be delayed for any reason.

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Personally, I am sure any experience modeler could do a little pinning and/or replace the strip with steel paper clip. Even if there is any casting problem I will be happy to get the War Chief without the umbrella thingy (sorry for my ignorant in the terms for that umbrella thingy) as it is a very nice sculpt.

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Hello every one,


It is time for another update just to let you know how things are going around here. Well KS wise all of our models are at the casters and the master have been created. With any luck they will be spun very soon. The Going Native book is off to the graghic designer, and this should also be done soon as well. So it looks like we are on time.


Now some of you want to know what is down the pipes for line. Well I have few new models to show off.


This is Sasquatch and the Mo'o. This Mo'o has three different heads to pick from, one normal, licking the left eye and licking the right eye.





Here are some pictures of the Deer Woman. I really like her.








What are your thoughts?


Next Hawaiian Warriors




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Now during the KS campaign their was a huge push for Hawaiians. Even though we did not get to the Hawaiians during the campaign, i have taken my own money to bring you guys some hawaiians. This is a multi part model were you can make Hawaiian Warriors, Oarmen, and the deaded Spearmen. Let me know what you think.












Now it is importent to note that all of the options are not shown on these assembled models. I really hope you guys like them.


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