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Going Native:Warpath Kickstarter (Paymaster Games)

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Here is the break down of the war parties -



Aztec War Party

1 War Chief, 6 Tlamani Captive Taker Warriors, 6 Macehualtin Archers, 1 Huitznahuatl,

1 Ahuizotl Otter


South American

Inca War Party

1 War Chief, 6 Inca Militia Spearmen, 6 Colla Skirmishers, 1 Kallawaya Doctor, 1 Mallku




Eastern Woodlands War Party

1 War Chief , 6 Woodland Warriors, 6 Woodland Tomahawks, 1 Sagamore, 1 Flying Head



Pacific Northwest War Party

1 War Chief, 6 Clan Warriors, 6 Clan Whalers, 1 Totem Pole, 1 Akhlut



Hawaiian Koa War Party

1 War Chief, 6 Po’e-Kaua Spearmen, 6 Hawaiian Slingers, 1 Ali’I, 1 Mo’o

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The big thing I'm waiting on is information on buying add-ons.


My #1 question about the add-ons is "What is the minimum pledge to be able to buy them?"


#2 is "will the Hunters be add-ons we can buy?"


And I now have #3 "will the Spirit Creatures be available as add-ons?"


Depending on the answers to these questions I may pledge more than the $25 I'm in for now, but the truth is I'm on the fence about that because I'm very reluctant to pay more than $20 for a human model (& I don't want the print at all so its utterly worthless to me).

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I am sorry you are offended by the title, but i am not going to change it. While i understand your side of the story,I have done every thing to bring this subject to people in the most honerable and honest way i could. I have spent almost 3 years doing the research, contecting reservations, talking to archaeologists, read alot of very boring essays and i have read alot of very challanging and hard to find books.


To tell you the truth I have never ever thought about the meaning of Going Native on the world stage or on any stage for that matter. I picked the Going Native several years ago for a line of Native American models, and i honestly do not remember why. I have stuck with it over the years becouse of the Wild West context of the term, which was any white person that has taken the indians side was considered to have gone native.


Another reason i have writen this game is the games or kids do not know alot of about the native people before the Wild West Era. People know more about the cultures and history of humans in the year 40,000 then they do of the native cultures of the world. One of my goals with this game is get people involved in the Fluff of Going Native, like they are in 40K or Iron Kingdoms, and they might just learn something they did not know about the cultures they may have only learned about in school.


I have worked very hard to present every thing in the game respectfully and honestly. I really think I have done this.

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Bah. It's the name of a game. I stopped reading too far into these kinds of things years ago because it wastes more time arguing over some esoteric piece of grammatical trivia then it does enjoying the end product, be it a game, movie, or whatnot.


Besides, no matter how much anyone denies anything, we are ALL descendants of the members of some tribe that once existed somewhere on the planet. History and archaeology proves this much. If I feel like "Going Native," I'm effectively returning to my ancestral roots, whether or not I'm on some kind of "warpath" or not. I am proud of my ancestral roots and cannot see any reason why I (or even my ancestors, if they could respond) should be offended by the name of a game.


I'm more than willing to give Paymaster the benefit of the doubt and assume he's tackling the game with an historic and honorable perspective. Thus far, given the data and pictures provided, I have seen nothing to the contrary. Of course, the "monsters," or spirit beasts, are based on conceived ideas and some archaeological research; but, there's always going to be a degree of fantasy to their ultimate design. Moreover, I believe the fantasy aspect is why most of us game in the first place: to use our imaginations and pretend we're someone else doing something far more heroic then we do the rest of the time.


My opinion, of course.

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Gailbraithe: Your concern is admirable. The term "going native" has a mixed and complex history, and the depiction of native peoples is a sensitive issue worth being mindful of.


However, I think you are going to extremes on this issue.


The miniatures hobby, although dominated (as most gaming-related, historical re-enactment-related, and science-fiction related hobbies are) by white men, has a foundation in historicity and anthropology. The original lead soldiers were about recreating battles and the many different peoples who battled. The growth of the hobby in the last century has led to the inclusion of more historical periods, of the utterly fantastical, of imaginary species and all colors of the human race, and even of females.


Many of those miniatures, it must be admitted, have been offensive, some violently so. But this project, as a piece of anthropology and an educational toy, appears respectful of the original cultures and interested in their accurate, if mythic, depiction.


While the issue of cultural respect is a tricky one, and there are peoples who object for religious or personal reasons to even the simplest of depictions, I do not this project falls into that controversial area.

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the original cultures and interested in their accurate, if mythic, depiction.


Hmm... Its outside of the scope of this game, but that line inspired me to think about how Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime myths would convert to a skirmish game. Very interesting possibilities.


edit: Wait, no its not outside the scope! Heh. Id missed them in the description there.

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Hey, let's calm things down here. I'm actually surprised that a mod hasn't stepped in already since this is quickly devolving into personal attacks. So let's try to return our focus to the KS itself rather than a discussion about the name and whether it's respectful or not.


Fact: Paymaster Games has come up with the name and has stated that it won't be changed. End of discussion.


Personally, I like the look of what I've seen so far. Pretty darn impressive in my opinion. I haven't pledged yet because I'm not sure if I'd actually use the stuff, but I am keeping an eye on it for the time being.

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Good morning every one.


One of the most requested updates have been made. The Contents of the War Party Starter Kits.


The Aztec Triple Alliance - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-warpath/posts/328669

The Pacific Northwest Tribes - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-warpath/posts/328677

The Hawaiian Koa - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-warpath/posts/328686

The Woodland Tribes - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-warpath/posts/328724

The Incan Empire - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-warpath/posts/328736


I am hoping to get the Add Ons today.

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Meh, a lot of the sculpts are pretty mediocre. It's never a good sign when the guy running the project is saying things like "It's not as bad as it looks."


Ok, so this isn't for you then. But no need to keep making comments about other people or the creator of the KS. We've heard your opinion. Fine. But why keep posting here if you aren't interested?

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I think they look pretty fantastic. The variety is impressive; you really managed to give each region a distinct look, despite the similarities between the different war parties.


I am a bit disappointed that the Northwest party is more inspired by Inuit culture and mythology than that of the Puget Sound region, but that's just because I happen to be from that area myself.


Also, will these miniatures be cast in metal or resin?

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The Pacific Northwest Tribes are heavily inflenced by the Haida, Tlingit, Makah, Nootka, and several others. I live in Seattle and i wanted to make sure i got the feel right. To tell the truth the Inuit war party will look nothing like the Pacific NW War Party. The Whalers are based on a 1902 photo of a Makah Whaler.


The models are currently planned to be cast in metal.

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