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Going Native:Warpath Kickstarter (Paymaster Games)

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It is like all you guys want are the spirit beasts?


ok...hmm...Ok. I will offer you guys this. If we can reach the Hawaiian goal by monday I will put out one more spirit beast with the Hawaiian unlock, so three spirit beasts will unlock. And Since you guys are one of the main drivers of my campaign. I will let you guys vote to pick out that Spirit Beast. Here are your options -



Xiuhcoatl – Feathered Serpent that is linked to fire.



Underwater Panther or Mishibizhiw – a aquatic puma-like animal with antlers



Mapinguari – Giant clawed armored monster that smells real bad



Tan-Tak-Kle-Ah/ Owl-Woman Monster – A crafty Owl monster that have convinced people that they are people and not monsters



Manaia – A guardian Spirit with the body of a man, head of a bird, and the skin of a Seahorse

Pua Tu Tahi – A monstrous Clam that is most common monster in the pacific

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Actually, I'm in at a high pledge level. I've enjoyed all you've shown thus far. The spirit beasts have given me a couple dozen ideas for a new campaign I'm starting with a new group in a couple weeks, so my enthusiasm for those is kinda high right now. I want to design them into my game because most of them have likely not been done before or were delivered in a haphazard fashion.


As for your vote, I'd like to see any kind of reference art you may have, but....


Xiuhcoatl or Tan-Tak-Kle-Ah/ Owl-Woman Monster -- either would be interesting

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Thank you for your thoughts. What my goal is with this kickstarter is to get as meny Starter Kits i can so that when Going Native hits your local game store you will be able to use what ever warparty you want. This will set me with the ablitiy to make regulare monthly releases. I owe it you guys, and i think you all are worth it, excpept that guy in the corner eating paist, screw that guy. :P

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