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I started this major "detail conversion" of one of the Avatars of War Dwarf Berserker figures.




You can see in this first photo, I have positioned the arms in a draw back-over the head position like he's bellowing in rage and at the same time leaned him back, which stretches the torso and exposes more belly. The left arm has already been filled in and sculpted with G.S..




In this one the right arm is now sculpted.




Now the belly has been sculpted.




Here I had to cut the beard in the center and lay it down. Due to the head being tilted back, the beard would have stuck strait out defying gravity. I'll have to re-sculpt the extended area where it was split.




At this stage the beard has been sculpted and a extra strand of Mohawk has been added to the front for additional detail. At this point the G.S. is still soft and I can still play a bit with the hair strands.




Here I'm working on the base insert. It will be a small rock out cropping covered in snow. Still playing with it and this may not be the final sculpt.


More to come.


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