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I bet the oversized line under the eye looks good when the mini is on the table. Combined with the sideways glance it seems to give him a bit of a shifty, sinister look. If you are a D&D or similar gamer, he'd be a good mini to keep on the shelf until you need a treacherous henchman, then he'd be perfect. Heck, I'd make him an untrustworthy scoundrel even if that wasn't the original plan.

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I noticed I missed the bottom of the pants before(I thought they were part of his shoes) so Went back and cleaned that up..as well I tried to thin the liner under the eyes just a smidge..tho when its dry..It might not amount to any difference heh.

So Lucky me I seemd to have found the magic formula of how much black to add to white primer to end up with a real close color match to the metalic true silver.......ya! lucky me! So basecoating the armor was a wee bit of a pain but its done.

I've never used inks before..I assume you mix the same 1:1 or 1:2 ratio of water with it?..I'll get to that after dinner I think
So here he is so far.



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ok I got the inking done..started by trying to use a 1:1 ratio and that was a mistake..it make it very grey..so switched to straight black ink for the wash. When that dried I tried very carefully to drybrush the true silver highlights back up.

This is where I struggle I always end up with a fine mist of over spray from the areas I dry brush..even if I dont touch the cloth I can see a fine speckling..I tried my best to clean it up without actually repainting it all.

I think personally for me doing the armor first before anything else makes more sense just cuz the technique of drybrushing the silver does look great but I want to do more..but I don't want to ruin the rest of the paintjob..

In all likelyhood I'm way to aggressive with my drybrush swipes in general :)

So here he is so far..I have some Polished silver that I had ordered before..I'm temped to use that for some Lining Highlights after its all done.. Just to make the edges pop abit.



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went thru the instructions for the leather and detailing..tho I didn't try to dry brush the the boots. I think all thats left is the base..which I think I need to transfer this to a proper roundlipped base so I can glue some sand grit around the grass area before doing it.

I might do some more work on some highlights on the leather etc but I'd say this is pretty much at the finished stage based on the instruction booklet.

Besides being sick as a dog with a summer cold this has been a great deal of fun. After spending so much focus on large figures lately this back to basics is extremely refreshing.

Welp here he is.




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I got the base done on Anhurian and glosscoted him..after its dried I'll dullcote and then add some flocking to the base.

Moving on to figure 2 the barrow rat heres after doing the basecoat,the wash and then drybrush of the basecoat color to bring up the highlights.




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