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Here is the finished rat. I'm actually quite happy with it...




Note to self: Do not listen to the BBC Friday Night Comedy podcast while painting.

I had to redo the whole mouth again after the brush slipped twice because of me laughing.


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I wasn't going to share this because blech, but this is my current attempt at eyes after an HOUR of trying. I thought it looked good until I took a picture...




Sometimes it's just luck and perseverance. Mostly luck. I'm far from good at eyes :)

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I'm starting to think the fact that the eyes on that miniature are recessed behind a helm is part of the problem. I'm starting L2PK2 regardless. Been working on the mold lines on the monk. Going away for the weekend so no painting till Monday at the earliest.

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So my rat is finished, now on to the guard.

Lots of pics follow, each with comment.





Painted the skin with Tanned Skin



Washed with a Walnut Brown wash, twice as the first was too light.

Drybrushed with Tanned Skin.




First coat of Sapphire Blue, damn it acts so like a wash...



Second coat of Sapphire Blue after shaking the bottle a lot, looks to coat better this time.



How do you paint this piece between scabbard and leg?



And what colour do you paint under the arms? I might think Intense Brown perhaps?


As usual, comments are welcome.



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the stuff between the scabbard and the leg I left walnut brown the dark color blends in with the shading and shadows you'll do on the blue

I ended up doing the inner section of the underarm dark blue(the shading wash color) as well.

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Carrying on with the nameless soldier...



It seems that my first go at eyes with Tsuko from L2PK2 was a fluke. :-)



Washed and drybrushed all the cloth. I mixed a drop of blue into the wash for a ratio of 5:3:2 water:walnut brown:sapphire blue.



Second shot at left eye, still bad. There is a hole in the mini between the eye and noseguard which catches at my brush and is driving me crazy.



Painted the armour, sword and shield. According to an article I read, the best metallics are Vallejo Air.

So to try them both, the helmet and sword are Reaper True Silver and the chainmail and shield are Vallejo Model Air Steel.

The Vallejo MA Steel is definitely smoother than the Reaper True Silver, but I have used Citadel Ironbreaker (AKA Chainmail) on my first mini, a skeleton, and it's like comparing 2 types of honey to porridge. The Citadel metallic is lumpy in comparison To the Reaper and Vallejo metallics.


I will try the eye later.


BTW, is the black ink already a wash like the Coat d'arms washes or do I have to dilute it?



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