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I know very little when it comes to this hobby and am a beginner through and through. That being said, I feel like I am fighting my brush more than anything. I painted this one mostly with a Games and Gears Pro #2. I also drybrushed with the Red Sable #2 that came in the LTPK.

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Continuing with my Games and Gears #2, despite not being a huge fan of it (I did find that using very little paint at a time helps to keep the point a little longer, but still not great). Here are my rat WIP shots so far:


**I even through in a surprise that my G&G Pro #2 threw me mid paint job as a bonus**




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Oh, snap.

Your post made me start to laugh and then feel like crying.


It was crazy. The brush just fell apart when I went to dip it in the paint. I pushed it back on after the pic and finished what I was doing. I then took a break to post these and am now debating whether I need to send an image to G&G directly.

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Hi Folks!


I ordered an L2PK1 today and hope to tackle it later this week or early next week. I've run through this thread and am looking forward to trying the kit in an effort to, well, figure out how to paint minis, especially as I have a load of Bones heading my way as part of the last wave of Bones KS Shipments.


I do have a question though . . .


In many of the pictures I see the minis have been attached to soda bottle caps. I saw a post where someone use superglue, but what I'm seeing is what looks some kind of putty holding the minis to the caps. What material does everyone use for this?

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I like the hold of superglue, but it was messing up the bottom of my models, I'd have to go back and pop it off with a knife, file off any excess and then repaint the lip of the base.


Poster tack (I use DAP brand currently) is way better, but every now and again the mini pops off. So far not tragic, but it happened at the start of my last session with the pirate queen and my heart skipped a beat.

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