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That Krylon spray looks like it gave them a nice coat. It's similar to what I got from the old pro paint brush on I used for my kits way back when. Toothy. It looks nice and toothy.


Yea it turned out pretty nice. First time I've used the dual primer + paint but it was all that I could find in the store. Seems to work fine.


Also some more progress on the models.


Washed the barrow rat in Walnut Brown.





Drybrushed the Ahurian's skin with the base coat color and did my best at doing the eyes.




Edited for spelling.

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That's what these are for. Think you need to go over it again? Why not!? Experiment with the techniques and raise your comfort level, learn how they apply to different surfaces, etc.


Yea think I am going to go back and put the basecoat back on then do the wash again it went on to dark, more like a glaze then a wash.

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I don't think it looks too dark, but of course it's your call. Might just need another highlight. In fact, one of the toughest things to learn is the exaggerated contrast that lends itself well to mini painting. I still have a heck of a time getting my shadows dark and highlights light enough.

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Undercoated the leather parts with Walnut Brown and then went over it with Intense Brown. Painted the inside shield Intense Brown then washed the handle of the sword,boots and inside of shield with Walnut Brown.


Barrow Rat

Washed skin areas Walnut Brown.



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I just cracked open my LTPK1 today. I bought it back before the Bones wave was rolling through, but thought that since the Bonenami is about to hit my doorstep that I should probably actually learn to paint.


So here we go. Step the first was to unbend my Anhurian's sword. He was so badly bent that he looked a bit like this, with the sword tip pressing against his temple. I also had to clear a bit of flashing off of the shield, and some threads that were left around. I don't have a hobby file, so I used my hobby knife to do everything, including an attempt at scraping down the mold lines (I stopped because it was futile). The Rat, by comparison, required absolutely no TLC and has no visible mold problems.


I washed the minis in warm soapy water, then went to town with the primer. I apologise but I have no pictures of any of the above.


Mr Anhurian was slathered all over with primer, but as I was painting him, I noticed that the primer looks really thin. He's not stock-white like in the photos in the kit, and I can't tell if that's normal. If I snap a picture of him with my phone, he looks perfectly white as he should, so I'm wondering if it's just a photography problem or I haven't shaken the crap out of my primer well enough. Just to be sure, I shook the hell out of the little bottle for about 5 minutes straight, and then painted the Rat. Coincidentally if anyone is looking for a bicep exercise, I know just the thing.


Satisfied that the Rat also had the same not-quite-entirely-pure-white look, which is odd because in both cases I applied the primer straight onto the minis (the kit recommends a 1:1 water/primer mix). I decided that that must just be how primed minis look:


Anhurian Man-At-Arms


Barrow Rat


(I linked the images directly into the forum, but they were massive, so now they're just links).


I'm done for tonight, will update tomorrow with the beginnings of the Man-At-Arms' fleshy bits, and likely his cloth as well. If anyone can comment on my (in)ability to prime a mini, would be appreciated.


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