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Let me tell you from experience . . . yes the Anhurian is a beast for a first timer. :p Mine turned out with super bug eyes, and the eyes on this fellow do seem particularly obscured by the helm.


As for drybrushing, I think its a matter of just practice and patience. I'm certainly not an expert, or even one to give advice. All I know is that on a couple of figures I recently worked on, I was having similar experience as you, seemed like either too much or too little paint, but the last one out, I was starting to think there was no paint left on the brush and it wasn't doing anything, and then it just suddenly clicked. The paint started showing up, etc. Think its just a matter of sticking with it perhaps? A quick once over won't get it done, but sticking with it might? If that makes any sense.


Bottom line though, I think they look good, especially the rat and the werewolf. Pretty much nobody starts out awesome. And if they do, odds are they were already an artist and simply transitioned to minis. Keep at it and continue to improve. Looking forward to watching your progress!

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I got around to painting with my daughter again and finished Steps 3 and 4 on Jan 1. Tonight I finished step 5. After taking the pics I could see more detail from them on issues with this guy but not sure I want to try and clean them up at this time. I may come back to him in the future when I have some sort of magnification and a better brush.


Step 3 Completed:



Step 4 Completed:



Step 5 Completed:



A pic the wife took while I was painting:



My daughter painting one of her Bones Unicorns I picked up for her when we visited HQ.


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Maybe I can keep this pace up...but I doubt it. Probably needed to be doing some work on the laptop but really enjoyed doing this instead. :) I also wanted to try out my new brushes that I picked up at the local shop.


Now if I could just get the drybrushing down I would be happy.


Step 2 completed:



Step 3 completed:




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Step 4: Teeth and nails done.




Step 4: Close up of teeth.




Step 5: Mouth finished and base done.



Step 5: Close up of mouth.



I enjoyed painting this rat the most.


So now I need to decide on if I want to pick up the next LPTK or grab some of my KS Bones and practice these techniques. I know the drybrushing needs to be worked on because I am not really getting it or don't think that I am. Looking at my pics I can also tell I need some form of magnification so I can see the detail areas better and hopefully hit them more than the areas around them.

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I'd say practice on Bones for a while. Each kit assumes you're comfortable with the previous kit's techniques. And each technique is a pretty good basic technique to have in your skillset. The werewolf dude is popular for an adjunct to kit 1, lots of fur to drybrush. Look for relatively simple models without a ton of detail that would allow you to practice the techniques without stressing you out too much with more advanced stuff.

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