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Ral Partha - Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Kender hero of the Lance


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Alright, this here is my first ever metal miniature all painted up. I bought it for a friend that is a massive fan of Dragonlance, and that has a special relationship with Tasslehoff.


I loved painting this guy. He has all kinds of little fiddly bits, a neat fur vest, and his leggings and pants had to be bright colors. I also got to try out painting hair, and I think the effect wasn't too bad!


I also got to do some stuff I've never done before for his face. I mixed a tanned flesh color with a rosy pink. I then shaded under the cheekbones with tan paint, as well as the chin, nose, and eyes.




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There we go! I managed to dig out the unaltered pics from my SD card and recropped them so the mini was larger and easier to see.


This wasn't my first mini ever, just my first metal mini, so it was a bit different than painting the Bones minis I'm used to. I do agree about the base, though. I was trying too hard to make it impressive, since it was a gift (which she loved when I dropped it off earlier!), but it definitely takes away attention from the mini with how complex it is. Tass might have been better served being based on a simple, barren stretch of road.

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Working on the idea of improving on producing a display miniature.


1) The base is too distracting. A single large tree trunk and the rock maybe, perhaps with some autumn leaves as "flock" would have allowed you to place the tree behind her and essentially "frame" her by using a dark trunk for contrast.


2) the eyes. Yup I know they are rediculously tiny on halflings but always paint them first and get them right. Humans will always notice strange stuff happening with eyes.


3) The skin looks very flat; you need to paint highlights on it. Look up pictures of people outside (aka naturally lit) ideally on a bright day and check out how much shadow and highlight you see, a mini needs that painted on. Grabbing an LED torch and holding it above the mini can help you see the highlight and shadow points of the model.


4) I do think you produced a good looking Tasselhoff. For a fan your mini is immediately recognisable as everyone's favourite kender (to love or hate). Well done!

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I've painted this guy twice, and he's absurdly small. I much prefer the halflings and gnomes of today's scale-creeped sculpts. That said, he's a blast to paint, primarily because kender are a blast to paint.


Yours looks really nice. I'll echo the sentiment about the busy base; he almost disappears in the photos. I bet it's a lot better in the hand, though, so use your judgement on that comment. His eyes could also use a little touch-up, since they look off-kilter just a hair (and given the size of this mini, it may literally be the width of a single hair). As ObsidianCrane said, your minis will improve by orders of magnitude just because you spent more time with the eyes.


I love his pants; they're "kender-bright" as colors go, so that's fantastic. And the details (pouches, straps, cross-garters) look a darn sight better than mine did on the first Tas I painted (and he was mini number...ten or so?...for me). I'm always glad to see one of the Heroes painted, so thanks for sharing!

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Nicely done. I understand how basing can get out of hand quickly. And I am fairly certain he's the smallest mini I own. I have rats that are bigger than him.

I have all of the Dragonlance minis and most are still unpainted ... Verminard and Toade are classic tabletop baddies for most every combat even without a coat of paint. But to be honest, the inundation of the world WoTC hammered upon us for so long left me not wanting to paint them.

But, now that I need to move some old stuff out for the Bones coming, I will revisit the Tasslehoff.


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