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Which kickstarter?


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I want to pledge another kickstarter but im not sure which one..



I spent around $300 on reapers and now I want to spend around 50 clams incl shipping to canada (could possibly go to $75) on a few more legit minis, They have to be for dnd campaigns so fantasy only (no guns) and I would like them to arrive before reapers in march,


I liked the look of the dwarfs http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/607885648/dwarf-gladiators-finely-sculpted-28mm-resin-miniat?ref=live


any suggestions?

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Well, I can recommend the Stonehaven Miniatures kickstarter. The campaign is closed, but they are still taking pledges via PayPal right up until their online shop opens. $56 gets you 20 minis, 4th ed and Pathfinder character sheets for each mini, backstories for each character, 2 bit sprues, a custom d6, and scenic resin slotted bases for them all as well. You can contact them at [email protected] if you're interested in pledging. (Due to arrive around November for $56 pledge) http://www.kickstart...ox-set?ref=live


The Demons and Devils kickstarter has a really great deal. The sculpts are based on 1e and 2e D&D versions of the denizens of hell and the abyss. $75 gets you, currently, 34+ minis in resin, but the international shipping seems like it's going to get a bit steep, but gets invoiced closer to the ship date of the minis (Due to arrive around March) http://www.kickstart...tage-miniatures


There is also one for some chibi style miniatures. Very cutesy, but different and could be a lot of fun to mess around with, especially if you have kids you want to game with. http://www.kickstart...re-set-chibi-an


Those gladiators are really cool and I would recommend them. The artist has done a ton of great sculpt work for others.


Hope this helps!

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I like the devils and demons but I wouldnt get them till march, (priestess looks amazing).


@recruittons $56 + $10 shipping for 20 dwarfs + extras looks pretty good. I prefer the look of the gladiators but for $50 you only get 7 minis and a tshirt.

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I want to paint them up and then use them in my homebrew campaign in Dnd 4e based in the Nentir vale, Ive only got a few minis right now and was hoping to kick off the new campaign in nov/dec and just buy some time before i get my hordes from reaper

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You could just pick up the exact minis you wish from Reapers shop directly. Not sure what they require for Canada, but International (Australia) once you spend $50 you have free shipping. So you could spend $50-75 and just get the characters wanted?

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Currently running KSes the Demons & Devils one is the best bet for DnD use for minis.


The reality is at this stage I would be suspicious of any mini KS that promise delivery before 2013.


If you just want some minis to get going with now jump on the Reaper Store and keep an eye on the Red Box Games store for the update resulting from their KS (should come in November).


You might also check out other companies like Hasselfree & Heresy or Centerstage Minis (existing line).


The reality is few companies are ever going to compete with the Reaper KS and if time is critical then you are better off with retail & Reaper might well get you free shipping as well.

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