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Is it me or is DHL kinda the forgotten child...

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Oh man. Reading some of those comments made me wanna punch someone in the throat. Glad I stayed away from that discussion... :lol:


Good job on finding the reference comment from Reaper in the comments there, klawzie. As long as the sculpts are good, I don't care what line they are released in (Bones vs. DHL) - I just want that female warrior! :;):



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No worries. :) I can forget whether or not I've had dinner, but things like a quasi-promise to get something I want, even if it's a "one day", tends to linger. ;)


The male elf concept art looks so much like my best friend's Exalted character I may have to buy it in metal just to paint it and ship it to Australia if/when it ever gets made. (Though, of course, I'd prefer it came in Bones. That way I could have it in my collection too.)

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