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Assimilation Alien Host... Yep another Kickstarter...


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The last few hours of this are going to be insane. People adding on to their pledge to cover the addons will really make this KS move.


Yup, I've not really sorted my pledge out beyond the basic host level and I won't get a chance to tonight either so it's very likely I'll be doing this tomorrow evening just a couple of hours before the end.

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A new stretch goal!


Stretch goal #10 $38,000

I will unlock and get the design fleshed out more for the massive Artillery beast. The Cannon drone will be massive at 3-4 inches long and need a 120mm base. The kit as an add will be $30 for everyone while swarm level pledges add a drone free while the queen gets a free Cannon drone!



Basic art work by Des for an example art work will be further developed.

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Mulling over upgrading to host or two or maybe even queen. Wonderful models. OK, almost certainly getting queen. The option to trade models solves the too many worms problem I had. While I could use them for "counts as" Hormagaunts, I have too many "Troops" options for my Tyranid army as it is.

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Well I've gone from a couple of base sets to 2x host


(1 for trade ins for dreadnaughts etc, I'll actually have about $20 worth spare after I get what I want from that and plan leave that for Ed to decide what to do with as I feel I'm almost cheating him the values so good.... If he can give me more minis with it great, if he needs it to make a bit off the KS that's cool too)

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I broke down and upgraded to the Queen level + 2 orders of bases.


I plan on doing a bit of trading off to be able to get some alien hunters and a dreadnought or two, but will end up with more aliens that I had intended to get (started off with 2 orders of bases)


You know about the option to get bases for all your minis of the Queen pledge for $35, right? (Stretch goal #5, at $24K)


I don't know how many bases you get with a Queen pledge at this point, but it's more than 100, making that deal pretty sweet.

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Stretch goal 33k is DOWN!


  • Swarm warriors drop down to $3 add-on price
  • The "Alien" Alien Hunters are unlocked - $4 add-on price
  • Drone unlocked - Free to queen, $30 add-on price.
  • Larva swarm base unlocked - 5 free to queen - $5 add-on price
  • Host level gets 3 swarm warriors
  • Swarm level gets 5 stealth swarms




Drone swarm transport - $30 add-on



Larva swarm base - $5 add-on



"Alien" Alien Hunter - $4 add-on. Comes with floating gun drone that is removable for use in fantasy settings.

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