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Assimilation Alien Host... Yep another Kickstarter...


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As awesome a deal this has been for the very concept of scary, hive-minded aliens, I really do feel for those of you who are also attracted to the humanoid and mechanized minis in this Kickstarter. I can only imagine its been difficult to formulate a deal that makes each of you giddy inside; I thought swapping a few aliens around would be difficult, but with all the nifty anti-alien hunters? Ouch!


Hope everyone gets what they want out of this project! I know I am!

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Swarm and Queen levels are incredibly good deals now.

Im in at $174 Swarm ($55 trade in credit) and got it so I get everything I want, at least one of everything except the queen guards.

13 grub worms

7 swarm adults

5 hosts

1 LE host

1 LE grub worm

3 hounds

1 sky hunter flyer

1 queen

1 wyrm

1 fiend

4 swarm warrior

4 stealth swarm

4 larva swarms

1 drone

1 overlord

1 swarm master

1 cannon drone

1 goliath wyrm

2 carnage hounds

20 alien eggs

10 alien hunters including 1 heavy (3 from free minis)

2 power armored alien hunters (50k goal, from $10 credit)

2 alien, alien hunters

2 dreadnoughts with all arms

1 egg base

5 free bases (first 200 backers)



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$55 of trade ins from $110 Swarm level:

17 grub worms ($17)

8 swarm adults ($16)

5 hosts ($5)

1 swarm warrior ($3)

1 stealth swarm ($4)

2 larva swarm ($10)

equals $55 credit

then I added

1 overlord ($30)

6 alien hunters ($18)

1 alien hunter heavy ($3)

2 dreadnoughts with all arms ($45)

2 alien, alien hunters ($8)

20 eggs ($15)

3 alien hunters (free)

comes to $174, missing any queen guards though.


EDIT: The art on the queen guard was so good, I added $6 for one, now an even $180 lol

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Its gone crazy while I was asleep... Ive pledged, but I no longer have any idea what Im actually getting, or going to want to get :P (Thats a good thing)


I think Im just going to have to wait until the end and complete run-down of the options before making any decisions on trades.

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Closed! Juuuust sneaked over the line to make the very final $54k goal.


Apparently, since I pledged my level has gotten an additional three 30-40mm base creatures and $20 of credit. Thats some big value! Might even be enough to get the stuff I wanted to trade for and instead use a trade to get something big (Goliath? I dont even know...)

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