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Assimilation Alien Host... Yep another Kickstarter...


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2 LE Grub

1 LE Host

16 Grubs

10 Hosts

4 Hound

10 Adult Swarm

3 Swarm Warrior

1 Queen

1 Wyrm

1 Fiend

5 Stealth Swarm

4 Lava Swarm

1 Drone

1 Swarm Master

1 Cannon Drone

1 Goliath Worm

2 Carnage Hound

2 Queen Guard

1 Egg Nest

1 Dreadnaught

Scenic Bases for Swarm

Gift - 10 bases

First 200 - 5 bases




I feel like I broke in and robbed Trollforged at gunpoint.

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This was a great Kickstarter. I was in at the queen level with extras including the hunters (both alien and human), bases and dreadnoughts.


This is an insanely great deal. I already have an RPG miniseries blocked out that will use these figures along with the zombie survivors from Reaper. Basically, it is twisting the zombie holocaust idea with the idea that the creature in "The Thing" made it back to civilization.

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That was an awesome ride!

I left at 50k thinking it was over. Come back later and find out we hit 54K goal, my first though was... ohh no I didn't put any money in to cover that! then I see its covered by another $10 credit.


@MiniCannuck That sounds like a cool idea!

Since The Mist was on TV the other day, gives me the idea to use these for something along those lines...

I am going to use these in DnD, at the begining of the KS I was only going to use them in a low level adventure, grub worms paralyzing victims with poison and dragging them off to make hosts while they are still alive, but now with all the BIG baddies, they can come back later in the campaign and assault a castle, Cannon drones firing acid fireballs! lol.

The alien hunters I will probably use in some post apocolyptic game, they just have a really cool look to them. One of the dreads I am going to convert to Nurgle.

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When this Kickstarter started I only pledged for bases, but now I'm getting a Host level (with some of the biggest figures traded out for bases and alien hunters).


At first I thought the aliens were too disturbing for me.


But I just cooked a whole beef tongue.


Nothing in this Kickstarter can disturb me now.

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When this Kickstarter started I only pledged for bases, but now I'm getting a Host level (with some of the biggest figures traded out for bases and alien hunters).


Be glad you can decide what to trade :D

Im trying my very hardest to figure out how to somehow fit a Goliath into my Host level on top of the other trades I wanted to make... Im not sure its going to happen, but Im hoping sheer willpower will save the day.

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Its not so much a problem of working out what to trade (I have a google docs spreadsheet myself). The problem is I already had a fair number of things I wanted to trade, but then the extra credit got added along with the Goliath being unlocked, which gave me ideas :P


Before the Goliath and the extra credit and the bonus present were open for consideration, I was originally planning to trade in the queen and some adults/adult warriors in exchange for 2 stealth adults, 2 larva, and the egg nest, if Ed considered that ok (already a bit over the "half the pledge price" limit). Plus I added an extra $3 to my pledge for an extra hound.


With the last few stretch goals, 3 of the 4 stealth adults/larva could be covered by the 3 mini bonus present (hopefully. Im not sure what size the larva are). But if I want the Goliath and Egg Nest those two alone are $55 value - even with the $20 credit Id need $35 of trades, which is starting to push it. If I added the last stealth/larva it'd be about $40 of trades on a $50 pledge level.


Im just stuck with more shiny things I want than I can have. Oh well. At least as far as problems go, its a good problem to have.

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Er, Hosts don't get credits, right?


I figured on trading in my Queen and ... er, the other big thing that isn't a Wyrm for the $25 base deal, throw in a bit of extra cash to get a full set of alien hunters, and swap out some grubs and hosts for some more hounds.


I got an OK on it, but if there's more to consider I'm getting a little dizzy.

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