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Assimilation Alien Host... Yep another Kickstarter...


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Actually, I am at a low pledge level and haven't seen the pledge manager yet.



I thought everything under $50 other than Alien Hunters had been sent the pledge manager? Were there any others besides the ones below. (Except the ones for the garage kits which were being done seperately I believe)


  • GRUB LEVEL 1 - 6 shipped, 1 non-responder
  • GRUB LEVEL 2 - 5 shipped, 2 on hold (awaiting Pledge Slip), 1 on hold (Pledge Slip submitted, awaiting later miniatures), 1 non-responder.
  • GRUB LEVEL 3 - 2 shipped, 2 on hold (Pledge Slip submitted, awaiting later miniatures)
  • COLLECTOR - 7 shipped, 1 on hold (Pledge Slip submitted, awaiting later miniatures), 1 on hold (awaiting Pledge Slip), 1 non-responder
  • 20x25mm BASES - 18 shipped, 11 on hold (5 waiting for later miniatures, 6 wanting lipped), 1 non-responder, and 1 sale.
  • 8x40mm BASES - 1 response
  • 20x25mm + 8x40mm BASES - survey sent
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I'm sorry, I misremembered. I pledged at the $50 level, which isn't all that low, considering.


I think I threw in a few extra dollars for trading some things around. The details are awfully vague by now, and I hope I remember what it was I was looking for.

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Yeah, I'm disappointed with the bases compared to what was originally offered, too. :-< (And also partly since I have base stamps from the Happy Seppeku KS that came up since this one was run.) I decided the other day to just go ahead and get the one set I thought was okay when my pledge level came up for survey last week. The miniatures are well-done, but just not my thing. I figure I can share out some bases in classes and/or at my local paint days.

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If anybody on the reaper forums knows any of the names below give them a gentle poke, we've all waited long enough so I'd hate for them to miss out because they're no longer at their old email addresses

Update #219 Oct 28 2014

Host Update

Hi all,

I’m compiling the Host level fulfilment, and I need some more information from a few backers to complete it. I’m posting their names here in the hope they will see it, or someone else will see it who knows them. If you know them: give ‘em a nudge :)

No reply to survey
The following have not returned their survey, and have not responded to messages;

•Robert W. Calfee
•Tom Knight
•Gregory Horrell

Note: if you cannot find your survey pledge contact me via Kickstarter (using the ‘contact me’ link under Ed’s photo to the right).

PayPal Backers
The following a PayPal backers who have not responded to the alert email I sent on 11th Oct 2014.
•Andre Mcinnis
•Arthur Dixon

Other than the above, everyone is now in the fulfilment sheet. I’ll give it a couple more days and then sent it to the team to process.

On behalf of Ed

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Woah, blast from the past - I just got the survey for this (Queen Level).


I just sent it along with a note that I'd sold the pledge, since they didn't include a place to do that or even mention what to do if you sold your pledge off...

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