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You're doing just fine. One particular piece of advice that I've gotten from a fair number of folks is that it's pretty common to be completely horrified at your own stuff partway through a paint up. Don't worry it, just keep going, it'll end up coming together in time.


If you're unhappy with a specific piece, it can also help to move on to something else, then come back with a fresh set of eyes.


Regardless, keep trucking. Looking forward to seeing more!

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Mine look like morse code. The only saving grace on my scroll is the thin layer of gold I applied on the sides.

This one was a bit thougher than the monk. I had a tendancy to apply green and blue on the skin, and skin colour on the clothes. I really enjoyed painting the hair though.

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yeah. I had to go back and touch up skin and clothes a couple of times, but I think if I ever have a mini where I don't, I did something wrong

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So here is Laurana:





This time I did 2 coats of primer in some places (this picture is after the first) as with L2PK1 some of the metal on the rat started to show through after all the washing off of paint and redoing.


Base coat:







I really struggled with all the details, but we will see how it turns out after the washes and highlights.

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Re: Layering troubles - this kit ate my brain three times trying to get it right (and it was the old pro paint version, which was a lot whackier). Layering plagued me for maybe another ten minis . . . and then one day I just got it. It clicked.


Some techniques are just like that, you have to do them a few times to pick up the feel for 'em. Don't worry about it, that's how it's supposed to go. Doesn't mean you naturally suck or are horrible. Just takes practice.

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How'd you get the yellow for the basecoat on his sash/leg wraps?


Sun Yellow is one of the colours in L2PK2. It's normally used for Laurana's hair but I used a mix of Blood Red / Yellow to paint her hair orange which I plan to darken with a wash.

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thanks, I'm not really happy with the scroll, but that is my only real complaint on this one.

I was leaning over the shoulder of a guy painting space marines at the game store where I run pathfinder and We talked shop for a bit while I was waiting on my players, and he turned me on to these as I couldn't Believe the detail he was painting in for writing.




I picked up a set but haven't tried them yet.

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I had two. Screwed one up and the other isn't working so good. Need new pens. I have an awesome set of markers, but they sadly run if they get wet.

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      After wanting to learn how to paint minis for a long time, I was finally encouraged by some friends to take the leap. I found the Reaper 'Learn to Paint' kits and have found them an incredible resource for a new painter. While I know my work on these minis isn't perfect, I'm really happy with how they came out for the first models I've ever painted. Working through these has given me a lot of confidence, and I like it a lot more than I thought I would!
      I will say that I struggled more with the layering technique in the second kit than I did with the wash/dry brush technique from the first kit. I'm happy with the progress I've made, though.
      Now that I've finished all of the minis that came in the kits, my next project is to paint the minis in my Fury of Dracula game.
      I'm really happy to finally be exploring this side of the gaming hobby!

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      I haven't seen this posted anywhere else on the boards and did not find anything by searching, but RealmSmith has posted an interview from GAMA on YouTube with Ron and Ed. If this has already been posted, please feel free to nuke this post with extreme prejudice. As YouTube is a commercial site, no link but searching RealmSmith and Reaper will get you there.
      Here are my notes:
      Pathfinder Paints (!) - 56 new colors, Golarian specific colors, ETA October.
      Learn to Paint kit expansions, 6 additional colors each and instructions, 4 expansion sets, ETA June or July.
      Pathfinder Learn to Paint kit being worked on.
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      About to order reapers second learn to paint kit layer up. Who all had used it and can you post you results afterwards? 
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      I have been helping out at a monthly "learn to paint miniatures" class at a local games cafe.  It has mostly been brand new painters who have never painted a miniature before.  We are using the Reaper Learn to Paint starter kits as well as the miniatures that were provided by Reaper.  We recently ran out of miniatures, so the cafe order a bunch of new ones.  I convinced them that we should get enough of one miniature such that everyone in the class can paint the same one at the same time.  That way people can follow along with an instructor who will show what they are doing on a screen.  We are getting a lot of repeat attendees now, so some of the participants are ready to do more than just slap a single thick coat of paint on the figure.  So far, they have been hard to convince to try any shading or highlighting.  Even washes and drybrushing are meeting resistance.  So, I am looking for advice. 
      The figure we are going to do this month is 77396: Olivia, Female Cleric by Werner Klocke.  I am going to paint one plain purple and show them Derek Schubert's monochrome class sample so they get a good sense of what highlighting/shading will do for their miniature.  Olivia Purple Monochrome
      What I am looking for is suggestions on a colour scheme that looks appealing, will be relatively simple to paint and where the effects of highlighting and shading can clearly be seen.  I am not good at picking out colour schemes, and I have already scoured the internet looking for ideas.  So, your ideas, please!  Any suggestions you have on colour or on conducting the class will be welcomed.
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      This little fella came out alright I think. My first successful attempt at painting human eyes at this scale.

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