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My Laurana is done!


And before I get any grief: Yes I know this is gimicky, and that we're supposed to be developing our painting skills, and so on. But I gave fair warning a few posts back that I was wanting to play around with "special effects"... and if Reaper won't release LTPK6, then I'll just have to find ways of entertaining myself.



I love the fire, doesn't matter to me if it is "inside out" or not. I just really appreciate that her hand is covered up. I don't know why but to me her hand just looks completely deformed. I've even tried to get my hand bent in the same way and even though my fingers are very flexible and bend backwards, I can't get my hand to bend that way. Additionally, in the pictures it looks like she has an extra digit which I'm finding very irritating and distracting from the paint jobs.


So, great job on the fire! The paint job looks good too!

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UpGraydd: the blending on that skin looks fantastic. Did you follow the instructions exactly, or did you do something different? (Also, don't forget the skin on his feet showing through his sandals.)


I followed the instructions closely, but when I first began highlighting I think i was putting to much paint on the brush so I ended up doing few layers. I used the same highlighting mix as per the instructions which seem to work well against the darker skin tone.


Yeah, forgot about the feet, it was interesting trying to get the original skin tone!


By the way, yours looks tops,especially the lining.

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Thanks! I missed an ear on Laurana, one of those times when having a wet palette really helps because you can use the exact same mix even a day or two later.


I think this one is going better for me because I was a little more willing to tweak the recipes they provided; I added a little extra water to the shadow, and some extra linen white in the highlight.

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I powered through and mostly finished the monk. I kept up the brown lining around his leg wraps and I think it works. The shadow on his pants came out way too dark (not really visible in this pic). So I will go over that again, then they eyes, then some highlights ...



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The shadow on his pants came out way too dark (not really visible in this pic). So I will go over that again, then they eyes, then some highlights ...


Before you "fix" the shadows, I'd recommend getting a better picture and posting here. Excessive contrast is usually a good thing for minis (speaking as someone still struggling with this). It's hard to get a good feel for what the shadows should be after you've been staring at the mini from 6" away. From what I can see, they look appropriately dark.

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I should clarify: the problem with the shadows is not that they are too dark, although I went a shade or two darker than the instructions recommend with 1 blood red: 1 blackened brown. It's that they do not make a smooth transition from the pure blood red to the shadow colour. I was planning on doing a middle layer that is 2 blood red : 1 blackened brown, but it may have to wait since I am very busy this week.


Edit: Here are the pictures



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Well, I'm a little discouraged. Started doing Kit 2 today, and everything started off grand, then started to fail a bit, and now one model is way to dark and the other is way to light. Trying to fix it I just made them worse. This made me kinda stop mid way through and just put everything down. Now I'm here, without the urge to paint I had several hours ago.


Starting with Tsuko, Raw and Primed (Spoiler tagged for space):









Then the basecoat for the skin. See this I like, this worked, and if I had done a Wash and Drybrushing I'm sure it would have looked great! But thats not what the tutorial called for, it called for layering... something that I apparently just dont get.




After this I did the 'shadow' and the 'highlight' but the colors seemed off, and I just could not get the right shade, going back and forth one over the other, I'm pretty sure I completely decimated the basecoat to the point where its impossible to find. This is where I'm sitting now and it looks almost nothing like the "It should look like this now" picture.




So I'm not entirely sure what to do with him now other than just move on to the next parts and hope it doesn't look like crap when it all comes together.

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As for Laurana, she is not fairing much better, and the shadow basecoat just cannot be seen even in the areas that I applied no paint over after. In an attempt to add other shadows back in/do some lining it turned our horrible, I tired to fix it and pull the paint away but it left her with a yellowy midrift. On a related note, like others in this topic I went for a bear midrift.



Raw and Primed:








Now the Basecoat, which once again, I liked, it turned out ok and with a Wash and a Drybrush could have been nice! But no... layering...




And the results of my 'layering' or as I've come to call it "Jaryth ruins miniatures". Ok maybe its not that bad, but any attempt to add shadow back in failed horribly. I think this would have been a lot better if I had done some black/brown lining before painting it. Even if it was just really dark pink I think it would have come over a lot better.




She truly is a yellow belly.


Anyway at this point I've lost a bit of my enthusiasm to paint... of which I better find it again soon, I have near $75 of Learn to Paint Kits coming, $100 in brushes and mediums and $300 of Bones coming to me!

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Don't get discouraged jaryth. I personally think the monk looks fine. If you feel up to it you could continue to paint the rest of the mini and then go back and place more shadows and details on the skin.

As for Laurana, your the first pic with the paint on looks great. I can see where you've had some trouble with layering, I think maybe you're not waiting long enough for each layer to dry before you try and add another one? I'm not sure.


I also find, when in doubt go to Youtube and search for painting videos,

describing 3 techniques of painting; layering, two-brush blending and wet blending. Edited by Cassu
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Not too sure where Laurana went wrong


Somewhere between the basecoat and now. I think the specific moment is when I picked the brush up again. Still, I'll be finishing her off for sure. Cassu is right, I can always go back and

touch it up if I ever feel the need to. Once I get better brushes... and more skill.


I also find, when in doubt go to Youtube and search for painting videos,

describing 3 techniques of painting; layering, two-brush blending and wet blending.


I've check out several YouTube videos on painting, but this is the first I've seen of this user, and your right, the videos are quite good. Now I have something to watch!


Thanks for the feedback guys!

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Ok the monk is good. You just need to bring the highlights up a bit more and he'll be spot on. The key is that the highlights must cover ever smaller areas of the model.


As to Laurana, I think if you hit her with a thin wash of tanned shadow and then once that is dry come back and work on her highlights she will be fine as well.


You have hit that "gah this looks terrible" stage a few techniques go through, but when you finish working the colours all the way to the final highlight the whole thing comes together much better than expected.

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