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So I got a bit side tracked from my LPK2 by a mixture of RL and a Great Worm I just posted over in Show Off.


It's a raining weekend here, so I think I should be able to get a bit of painting done between my indoor honey-do list items.


Again, there's no details about lining in the instructions, but it's in the pictures, so I did it right at the start with Brown Liner. I'm going with the bikini top look, mostly to get more practice with skin tones. Besides Tsuko, I've no real experience with skin at all.



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Yeah, it'll be bare midriff, I need the practice with skin tones.


I attempted Bette Davis Eyes With Laurana. She has TINY eyes, and I found them really hard to get to, they're set back a ways behind her cheek and brow.


I went with Walnut Brown, it's not too horrible, until I took the picture. Here it is:



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Apologies for the lighting, after fighting with the eye I mistakenly painted over, I couldn't be bothered to pull out my light box.


Base colour done. Seems darker on my Laurana than it does in the instruction book. Hoping it won't screw with things when I add midtones and highlights.




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See how much those eyes cleaned up with the base coat of flesh on? That's one of those things I'm finally starting to get a feel for now that I've got a few under my belt.

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Last set of terrible phone pictures for this thread from me. When next you see these, they will be in show-off.


Step 8, con't: More contrast!

- I fiddled with the highlights on Laurana's skirt a bit. They seem a little stark up close. It looks better from tabletop perspective.

- I re-did Tsuko's belt and leg laces with a darker shade of grey-brown, then highlighted with Linen White. Much better. I left his hair laces alone, though.


Step 9: Details.

- Painted Tsuko's staff and shoes Blackened Brown, and then based the staff's caps and bracer detail in Ruddy Leather. The color suggested for highlighting the dark bits doesn't seem to show up well, so I may lighten that up a bit when I do the gold.

- Laurana's boots, belts, and pouches are Blackened Brown. Again, the highlight color didn't show up well, but it seemed to come out better on her stuff. I'll still fiddle with it next time. Since I had the Breonne Blue out to mess with her skirt, her hair tie and book binding are blue also. Scroll and book pages got a darker than suggested parchment color, because I wasn't about to use 8 drops of paint for such a tiny surface area. As it was, I think I ended up with 5 anyway. Bracer detail, book bag plates, necklace, and top of the canteen got the Ruddy Leather base. Looking at the pictures, I forgot her belt buckle. Now on the list of things to pick up next time.


Step 10: Next time!

- Gold over the Ruddy Leather (and fix Laurana's belt buckle).

- Lighten up the highlights on the wood/leather bits, at least for Tsuko.

- Do something more interesting with Laurana's scroll.

- Base excitement. For small values of excitement.











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I forgot to take pics for a bit, but I remembered after finishing skin, and doing basecoat of hair.


Skin... I hate skin. I LOATHE skin.


I could not get her to look like a person at all. I spent about 2 hours fighting with her, I got her this good, and then decided to stop before screwing it up (again), she still looks rather flat. but I'll take it.


EDIT -- She's flatter in the pic than in actuality, probably the camera flash, my light box doesn't have a permanent home, and is a hassle to set up for 1-2 quick WIP pics.




On the bright side, the basecoat on her hair went on super slick after that. :)

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Lady skin is super tough.

Is that a goblin-lady thing? The ladies that I know have rather soft skin.

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And finished the hair. Didn't turn out too bad. I like it better than the skin, so we get more pics of it :)




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Your skin does not look bad. I think you will be happier a you get some of the other areas painted up. And Buglips is correct, the lack of hard muscle definition on the "ladys" makes it harder to control shadows and highlights.

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