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02644 Demon Thornwort (Bob Olley) Conversion: "Mister Pig N Pepper"

Jordan Peacock

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Pewter miniature manufactured by Reaper Miniatures (Dark Heaven #02644, Demon Thornwort, sculpted by Bob Olley), modified and painted by myself for a game scenario.


This was originally a winged pig-demon figure (for when pigs fly?) holding a big sword in the right hand. I left off the wings (separate pieces) and snipped off some spikes on the back, then used some Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty to fill in the gaps, give him a "razorback" mane to obscure what was left of the spikes, and to give him some pants and a bandanna.


I had a couple of plastic "Ogre Kingdoms" (Games Workshop / Warhammer Fantasy) flintlock "bitz" that I got from a local game bazaar, and used them to replace the right sword with a flintlock, and the left hand with a new hand (and flintlock). I would have preferred to give the pig a couple of pepperbox pistols, but I have nothing like that on hand, and this was a much faster conversion than building them from scratch. (Time is a factor here, as I have a game coming up in a week.)


I replaced the base; the "wood plank" base and barrel are resin-cast pieces from War Cast Studios (http://www.warcaststudios.com).


The character is meant to represent a pre-generated hero, "Mister Pig N. Pepper," the ship's cook on a Wonderland ship crew from my "Avarice in Plunderland" scenario for Necronomicon 2012 (http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm). This is a one-shot scenario that is something of a mash-up between the pirate genre of Savage Worlds RPG with the "Wonderland No More" setting (http://www.tripleace...rlandNoMore.php). I'll be running this on Sunday, October 28th, at Necronomicon (a gaming/fantasy/sci-fi/horror convention) in St. Petersburg, Florida.


In game terms, Mr. Pig N. Pepper is a Gourmancer -- or a maker of magical foods, all of them with pepper as a major trapping/ingredient. The name is inspired by one of the chapter names of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" -- "Pig and Pepper."


The backdrop scenery consists of a modified Mega Bloks "Captain Cutlass's Stormstalker" toy ship, with new decks made from mat board and craft sticks.

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Here's another picture of Mr. Pig N. Pepper and his fellow crew "in action" in a scenario I ran at Necronomicon 2012.




Alice is at the helmsman's wheel, while the White Rabbit is the watchman (with a watch, even!).


The White Knight (as played by Decker Lugstampf, Steampunk Hero) serves as the ship's engineer (which is rather silly, since, as this is a sailing ship, it doesn't have an engine), and I kitbashed up a "steam horse" as his summonable mount. (It's a Mage Knight "steam ram" with a spare Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy barded horse head and tail for a quick but clunky conversion.)


On the opposing side (in the foreground) is a "card ship" I made with a "pink stuff" foam frame, and cardstock "shell" that I made with some custom "card" textures.


I used some plastic "target" cannons from Pressman Games' "Weapons & Warriors Pirate Battles" all around for armaments on the two ships. (That was a lot cheaper than buying pewter models for all the cannons!)

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