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Washes and first highlight done. I achieved two new things tonight. I successfully used the two-brush blending technique! Yay! I used it mostly on the cloaks, so you can't see it from this angle. I also discovered a setting on the camera I'm borrowing that simulates a slow shutter speed, so I managed to get much better pictures.


So here we are after washes and the first highlight on the greens, and the dryad's skin.



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I think I'm done with the Dryad. I totally f'd up her face, and now I'm unhappy with it, but I'm not about to strip it and start over. So I'll start with basing her. The actual elves still need their hair painted (I've been highly ambivalent about the color there), then I think the wizard is done. The sergeant needs his sword's gem and his arrows painted, then he's basically done. Nienna needs her shoes, the interior of her bracer, her quiver, her bow and her arrows to be painted. Should be done with all of them in two, maybe three hours.



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The foliage added to the dryad makes a real difference - it suddenly looks like shes merging with a real tree, rather than merging with a stump. She also seems to be smiling more, but I cant tell if you worked on the face or its just the angle.

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    • By Peithetairos
      My next project is another ranger. I already have a cool male elf ranger, but thought it might be nice to add a female version. So going through the Bones minis I came across Nienna.
      Unfortunately her face detail was very shallow and detail was overall a bit hit and miss. I love the pose, though.
      Out comes the scalpel, greenstuff and bitz box.
      Two evening sessions later I swapped the head and weapon, shaved away some of the front detail and resculpted the area.
      I am not entirely finished yet, but soon I can establish the base colours. 

    • By Kekso
      Finally I took some time to finish some Bones figures. I hope you like it,

    • By MamaGeek
      This is Reaper Bones Nienna, Elf Ranger, painted as a display model.  There was some frustration about clear detail that would have been allayed, I think, with the metal version of the model, but overall, it worked well.  I hope you like her!  Work in Progress Thread here.  

    • By MamaGeek
      This is Bones version of Nienna, Elf Ranger.  Most ranger figures I've seen are painted green or brown, but I thought I'd go for an autumn theme and paint her in red/orange/yellow/brown.  I started by painting the cloak a rusty burghundy, including all the highlights and shadows as if that was the final paint job.  Then I started painting a freehand patchwork leaf pattern.  Each leaf is painted individually, which takes a devilishly long time, I've come to discover.  This is going to take a long time to finish.
      And right now she's at one of the those early stages when I can't stand what I'm working on and think it looks terrible.  I've been there so many times before, though, that I will push myself to just keep going, in the hopes it will all turn out right in the end.  
      Here she is so far:

    • By Corporea
      Finished! Finally!

      This WIP is here.
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