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Open/Community L2PK #2


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Howdy folks, yet another new painter here, starting up an open/community Show Off thread for the Learn To Paint Kit #2. My hope is that we can get various folks to post their results and/or stories from working through the second Learn to Paint Kit.


For those folks working on the kit currently, please feel free to post your works in progress in the ongoing thread:



Otherwise, please feel free to post your versions of Tsuko and Laurana in this thread.


To start things off, this is my 7th ever mini, Laurana the Sorceress. Overall, I'd rate it a good learning experience. I found the skin sections to be a bit tricky, mostly because I'm not used to trying to suggest where muscles are and aren't. The cloth was a bit simpler, and very good practice for shading and highlighting.


Also a first attempt at basing, and still learning the whole photography thing, so excuse the picture and base quality.


Any comments and/or criticisms are more than welcome, always looking for suggestions on what/how to improve!



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When I was re-touching the forehead after I had slopped highlight across the whole thing, I went a little heavy on the shadow over the right eye but it gave it so much expression I really, really liked the effect. Probably the highlight of the mini for me, which is why I broke out a mini pic of the face from a different angle.

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I botched the skin job on laurana, seems the shading on female mini's is giving me trouble, tsuko on the other hand Was really easy and enjoyable.

I was playing with the exposure on the camera and got the pic's quite a bit to dark so they are a hair on the grainy said after processing.


I just noticed I forgot to highlight his clothing >,>




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Here's my Tsuko.


A great learning experience all 'round. My first attempt with so many things - working with a metal mini, layering, lining, and basing (not just gluing the broccoli base to a 25mm plastic base). I used a tutorial from another thread here to flatten out some greenstuff and cut it up to use as flagstones, the edges came out really sharp, so I added in some sand to help break it up. Next time I think I'll try to get the greenstuff a little bit thinner, and more consistent.


Biggest thing I came away with: Figure out your basing idea before you paint - I remove the broccoli base AFTER I had him painted up pretty nice (see open L2Pk2 WIP thread).. scraped a bunch of paint off of him, sliced open my thumb with my X-acto knife, and almost wrecked his ankle with my new tiny hand drill thing.


I think it came out pretty good for a first attempt.




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