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60034 Seoni, Pathfinder iconic sorceress: sculpt C. Fitzpatrick, paint D. Schubert


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Heh. Nice job on the skink; it looks great! I had a pet skink once when I was a kid, looked just like that.


As always, your freehand is spectacular. The hair seems a little different than your usual; a softer level of gloss, I think? The gradient from blonde to brunette works really nicely, though.

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Glad you all like her!


@gailbraithe: If she's drunk, I blame Valeros the iconic fighter. He's always trying to liquor up Seoni, Kyra, and Merisiel when they adventure together. :;):

@Caffiene: Drunk as a skink ... nice! ^_^

@Sanael: Glad you approve of the skink coloration! Her hair may be a little less shiny than others I've painted, but not intentionally. I added Russet Brown and Brown Liner to the base Aged Bone to get that fade to the brunette tips.



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