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The Pledge Manager is still up!?


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The RPM still only lets new backers in at $150, right? So everyone who got in early still gets a 30% discount, right?


The RPM was suppose to be used for the small select few people that missed the kickstarter and needed to get a new pledge in as well as lock in options orders for what was said to be 10 DAYS, and then said to be a MONTH after the RPM was live. (and even they had to pay the extra %)


I don't think it was portrayed to us as being a pre-order tool for newcomers to place a 150 vampire pledge order now going on almost 2 months later.


I just don't want it to be Feb. and have new people starting to see the miniatures being released and then them being able to place a order through the STILL ACTIVE RPM.....

I see now. Thank you for clarifying your position.


There's 2 different things going on, on our end, that have caused the situation you are upset about. First, coding and implementing took longer than expected, and our original deadline of "we need final numbers by this date to five accurate order Qty's to China" never changed. Thus the RPM changed from 30 days to 10 days. We still had to get the info from you (and 17,443 others) to make this work. That's why that plan kept changing. And, in fact, we actually waited 20 days, extending our deadline to China to allow more stragglers in. At the end of 10 days only 60% of our backers had responded.


Second, we still need the RPM as a tool to allow address modifications. We considered re-coding the RPM to remove the pledge selection components, but a quick risk analysis told us that we might not want to do that. If we implement that change incorrectly, we end up with database errors, in a database we currently know to be sound. And the risk of leaving it up? Well, there's negative feedback, such as we see here, and of course, more sales. How many more sales, because that's a major concern of yours, apparently, that we're selling hundreds of these things? in the 2 weeks since it should have been shut down, less than 5. At that rate, even if we leave it open for the entire next five months, less than 50 people will be added, which doesn't skew our order data, because we over-ordered to provide us with quantity for distribution and retail sales. From a risk/benefit standpoint, making changes now is more risk than it was worth.


OK, so there's our logic. Now, let me try to assuage your concerns. Kickstarter was a tool we used to do what we could never have done without it - namely, produce almost 300 new pieces in less than a year (more new Bones were developed for this than we even produced in Metal figures per year!). This whole thing is a huge experiment, and a leap into something we have very little real experience with. We have never produced this much product in so short a time. What does that mean to you? Well, it means we're learning as we go. We're having to make minor modifications, small tweaks and changes to the plan. Changing the RPM launch date, the RPM window, the ship date for Paints, all of these were not something we intended to change at the outset (There was no sinister plot to announce X and then change it to Y, whether that be dates, products, or what have you). These are things we have changed because our plan, as we began it lo those many months ago, and the reality of October 28, 2012, are not quite lining up exactly the same.


We have had some negative pushback from these changes - people that believe they were lied to, or, as you say, misled. And I can agree it would have been misleading you if we had known at the time the facts to be anything other than we presented them. But we have presented always our current plan - we plan to ship X date, we plan to shut down the RPM by X time, etc. These plans changed mostly because of factors which we hadn't realized at the time would even be factors. I ask only that you understand that the changes we are making are not being made as a deliberate attempt to lie or deceive, but rather to adapt to situation in the best way we know how.


Long explanation, I know, and thank you for reading it.

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