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Cat Folk Ranger Mini

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I have a friend who is looking for a male Cat Folk Ranger mini to use for Pathfinder. Does anyone know where I can find one, or know of a good one that could be converted easily?


I have been looking around the net and the best I have found so far is an old plastic DnD mini.



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You didn't mention the sex of the character, so I'll point to this one:




Even if the character is male, I don't know that it would be all that difficult to do a bit of reassignment surgery on that figure.


I will say that I don't know whether that figure is a fighter or a ranger, though. (Obligatory reference; if it's too obscure for you, just ignore it. ^_^ )

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Wow. It hadn't occurred to me that there are so many cat-girls, but hardly any cat-BOYS in the Reaper line. ;D


I know this is a stretch, but I did a search on "tiger" and found a couple of over-sized tiger-guys that might PERCHANCE work for a "cat-folk," depending on ... well, any number of things. (I don't know for certain what a "cat-folk" is, though I assume a feline-looking humanoid from a fantasy setting.)



50259: Mrrowl, Tigerian Merc

(Not quite genre-correct, but possible conversion material? The techno-axe head could be removed, and the haft of the axe turned into the middle of a staff, if you've got a pinning drill and some wire you could use to extend in either direction. The grenades on the belt could be easily removed with a cutting tool. Some accessory bits could be added to put a bow and quiver on the back, etc.)



02785: Sabertooth Tiger Man

(This one is more fantasy, and you COULD stick a bow on his back to designate him as a "ranger," although the "sabertooth" part might be a stretch for "cat-folk." Plus, he's huge.)


Doug Sendseth's previous suggestion of 02910 is probably the best bet, if you're willing to put up with some green-stuff conversion, or creative painting.


... this is the closest I can find to looking like a cat-person AND a ranger, though clearly this is the wrong gender. The best I can suggest is that if you used a bit of green-stuff putty, you could add a cowl drape hanging around the shoulders that would bulk out the shoulders a bit. I'd probably also give the figure some green-stuff shorts. :D

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I'd recommend looking at either the Basti from Crocodile Games' Wargods of Aegyptus or the Panthera Tribe from Black Orc Games' Hundred Kingdoms. Both lines have male catfolk with bows suitable for use as rangers.


Personally, I like the minis from Croc a little better, but they may be too Egyptian-themed for your needs.



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There is a distinct lack of male Cat Folk floating around the mini world.


Probably because not every world has catfolk as a playable race. Elves and dwarves probably outnumber them significantly unless you're playing something like Everquest where lizard folk and ogres are just another race.


For my own games I use a bunch of variant subraces for elves, dwarves, halflings and gnomes but eventually I'll open up half-ogres and a few others.



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Oh I know. Just with the over abundance of tenticle creatures flying around now days, I think the world could us some more felines heroes.



BTW he decided to go with the Tigerian Hunter from Spellcrow. We will be buying a Reaper weapon pack to convert the knife to a bow. It should work quite well for his character.


On a side note, I should have never looked at the Halloween mage on that site... :wacko:


Thanks guys!

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Yea my problem is all the Kickstarters I am a part of currently combined with a quick look around Spell Crow to the tune of $133US... Ah well, I will find a way. For sure many of thoes are going on my wish list, but the Halloween Mage will be shipping with my friend's mini.



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